Doojoon appoints a deputy leader for BEAST

January 30, 2010 @ 1:42 pm
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Following suit of actress Lee Ji Ah, BEAST's leader Doojoon also went to Cambodia on January 17th. Doojoon has already done charity work with MBC's Danbi over at Africa, but he has agreed to do some more good deeds. During his previous trip, he had been wrapped up in so many rumors, because he had not told anyone of his whereabouts. However this time, he promised, "I will be telling fans of my plans this time, so don't worry." Before leaving for Cambodia on the 17th, leader Doojoon decided to choose member Yong Junhyung as his vice-leader. As a vice-leader, Junhyung will be taking over all leader roles while Doojoon is absent. It has been reported that Junhyung was very happy when this responsibility was handed over to him. Check out Doojoon's video before his trip to Cambodia!

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