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K-Pop directors talk about MV production costs & dangerous underwater scenes


K-Pop directors discussed music video production costs and dangerous underwater scenes on the latest video posted to the AYO YouTube channel.

In the video posted on July 2, camera director Kim Ji Hwan and art director Song Na Ra, who've previously worked with IZ*ONEEXO, and Super Junior, revealed the secrets behind creating a K-Pop MV. Responding to one question from a viewer about costs, they confirmed most idol MVs cost around 100 million Won ($88,060.80 USD) depending on the artist and company.

Song Na Ra commented, "MV directors who usually film idols from big agencies spend over 100 million Won. These days, idol groups have a lot of members. We have to build a set for each member, and some members have their scenes separated." Kim Ji Hwan added, "You need really good cameras for idol MVs, a costume truck, a food truck, and a porta potty if the scene is set in the middle of nowhere. Like this, money drains out."

As for dangerous underwater scenes, he stated production makes sure they meet safety requirements, including assistants who watch over the situation. Kim Ji Hwan said, "There is a studio that specializes in underwater shoots. We pay a lot of attention in order to avoid electric shocks... We try to work in harmony with idols, so we can finish in one shot. For this kind of tricky shooting, working in harmony is a must."

Check out the AYO episode above, and make sure to turn on the English captions.  

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I've always found music video productions in Korea the most interesting.



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Kpop MVs are on another level



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