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AB6IX's Park Woo Jin & LOONA's Olivia Hye reveal the single conversation they had with each other while filming 'City Fisherman' together for two days


On July 15, AB6IX's Park Woo Jin and LOONA's Olivia Hye successfully wrapped up their second day as guests on Channel A's 'City Fisherman 3'. 

On this second day of boat fishing, the cast members and guests of 'City Fisherman' reeled up over 190 fish, earning the opportunity to feast on various fish dishes for dinner. After returning to their base camp, the cast members began preparing dinner, giving the young idols Park Woo Jin and Olivia Hye the easiest tasks. 

Because their given tasks were so simple, Park Woo Jin and Olivia Hye finished their part of the work quickly, and stood idly while waiting on their sunbaes to finish with dinner. Seeing the two idols' bored expressions, the head PD decided to ask them, "In the two days that you guys were here with us, did you two speak even a single word to each other?"

Awkwardly standing about three feet apart, Park Woo Jin responded, "On the very first day, I did say one thing. I asked, 'Have you gone fishing before?'. But it turned out, I shouldn't have asked," drawing laughter from the other cast members. The reason that Woo Jin's comment struck as so comedic to everyone was that Olivia Hye totally schooled Woo Jin in terms of the number of fish they caught for the last two days, and Woo Jin couldn't hide his envy every time Olivia Hye caught a fish onboard the boat.

Later on, Olivia Hye's comments from her solo interview were also brought to light. When asked, "Were you concerned when your fellow guest Woo Jin did not catch any fish on the first day?", Olivia Hye answered, "No, not really. I wanted to catch more than him." On the other hand, Park Woo Jin was then asked, "When Olivia Hye caught fish, were you envious?". He said flatly, "No, I felt happy for her." However, the other cast members laughed and pointed out, "No, I heard you muttering, 'How nice' sarcastically." 

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8 days ago

the deserve more attention! <3 loona <3 abs6ix



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8 days ago

She's the real MVP! Such fighting spirit! I'm glad she caught the most fish :)



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