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LOONA's Chuu is full of pride after she successfully lights a fire on 'Laws of the Jungle'


On the April 17 broadcast of SBS's 'Laws of the Jungle', a fresh crew joined chief Kim Byung Man on a survival mission in a remote part of Jeju island! On this day, some of the new crew members included NU'EST's Baekho, who grew up on Jeju island, as well as Kim Hye Yoon, LOONA's Chuu, Ji Sang Ryul, and more. 

After introducing themselves one by one to the viewers, the crew divided up tasks and went about setting up camp for the night. LOONA's Chuu joined Kim Byung Jan, Ji Sang Ryul, and Baekho in gathering firewood. During her interview before beginning her 'Jungle' survival, Chuu had shown interest in trying to start a fire on her own, and so she brought out her own firestarter to give it a shot. 

Chief Kim Byung Man and Ji Sang Ryul supported Chuu by holding down pieces of straw on top of a broken log piece, while Chuu used her firestarter, knife, and the strength in her hands to ignite the fire. 

Even though the process was harder than expected, Chuu did not give up and persevered, using her strength. Eventually, the straw pieces caught on to enough of the sparks that Kim Byung Man could pull the log away, blow on the flames to keep it going, and start a big fire! Seeing the tiny flame growing bigger, Chuu jumped and smiled from giddiness.

Chuu said afterward, while singing BTS's "Fire", "I at least proved that I am a living being. In the very least, I am not a burden here." Check out more clips from this week's 'Laws of the Jungle', below!

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Chuu's popularity is really sky rocketing lately. Daebak!



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chuu she’s not only cute but also smart asf



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