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Creator of 'mint chocolate chicken' reveals why he came up with the bizarre menu + Sung Si Kyung tries it out and gives his honest thoughts


On the February 19 broadcast of MBC's 'Flushed-Cheek Feast of Hermits', the creator of the 'mint chocolate chicken' - currently a hot trend in Korea - appeared as a challenger chef!

Why did this restaurant owner decide to invent such a bizarre menu, 'mint chocolate chicken'? "I invented dark chocolate chicken and mint chocolate chicken because I was searching for ways to give consumers an interesting, memorable experience," the restaurant owner and chef said. In fact, one of this chef's interesting creations, the 'crazy dark chocolate chicken', previously made headlines after Yoo Jae Suk tried the dish out on tvN's 'Six Sense'. 

The restaurant owner also added on, "Since I officially added the mint chocolate chicken to my menu, the response has been extremely divided. I can honestly say that half the people who try it, find it tasty. The other half, they detest it. But I am still selling it because there are some people who like it." 

The chef then demonstrated his dark chocolate and mint chocolate recipe in the 'Flushed-Cheek Feast of Hermits' kitchen, starting with marinated chicken, batter, and then the main ingredient, melted dark chocolate and mint chocolate chips. The chef's cooking station happened to be situated right next to Stray Kids members Hyunjin and Lee Know (who appeared as challengers last week). Hyunjin commented, "I don't think I have the guts to try that."

Later on when the dish was served up to the show's cast members, Kim Jong Kook was the first to try it out. After one bite of the dark chocolate chicken, Kim Jong Kook frowned and said, "It is sickeningly sweet. It's the worst." Here, instead of passing the dish down the line for his fellow cast members to try, Kim Jong Kook raised up the "toad" signal, which meant that he wanted to speak with the chef. 

Because Kim Jong Kook held up the "toad" sign instead of the usual "ax" sign which allows the next person in line to taste a certain dish, the other cast members could not taste the dish. The summoned creator of the mint chocolate chicken was then given a chance to choose just one more person to try his dish out, and he chose Sung Si Kyung.

In Sung Si Kyung's case, he actually found the dark chocolate chicken edible. However, once he took a bite out of the mint chocolate chicken, the singer could not hide his distaste, and ultimately spit the food out into his plastic glove!

If anyone's curious about Yoo Jae Suk's controversial(?) reaction to the dark chocolate chicken from tvN's 'Six Sense', you can also watch the clip below!

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Friday, February 19, 2021

Some people will eat dog shit if you pour chocolate on it.



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Friday, February 19, 2021

Looks gross!



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