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Song Joong Ki x Kim Tae Ri's 'Space Sweepers' announces official worldwide premiere date via Netflix


One of the most anticipated Korean sci-fi blockbuster releases of all time, 'Space Sweepers' is finally coming to Netflix worldwide this winter!

Starring Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Sun Kyu, Yoo Hae Jin, Richard Armitage, and more, the film takes place in the futuristic year 2092. The story revolves around a rogue crew of dumpster hunters in outer space led by the fierce female captain Jang (Kim Tae Ri). One day, the crew stumbles upon a humanoid robot, which may or may not be a dangerous killing device. 

You can now check out the official teaser trailer for 'Space Sweepers' above as well as via various Netflix SNS platforms, while you wait for the film's complete premiere on February 5!

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During the summer the producers allowed the public to literally invest into the finished movie using online crowdfunding saying they would get their money back from profits from a CINEMA release. Now all those people who put money in legally won't have to be paid a penny via the contract because Netflix is a streaming service, not a cinema. Producers better do the right thing anyway for them.

Producers statement from July - “This investment product is a rare attempt in light of the fact that there have not been any past opportunities for the public to participate in investing in large-scale commercial films. The fact that there are now opportunities for the general public to invest in a low-risk film that is anticipated to perform well in the box office is analyzed to be a major change in the movie market.”



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20 days ago

Here something I'm looking forward to watch. How long has it been since I saw Kim Tae Ri. The last time probably was Mr. Sunshine.



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