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Jung Il Woo tries cooking Filipino food for his 'only female celebrity friend' Dara


In the latest installment of his very own YouTube contents series '1DAY 1LWOO', actor Jung Il Woo tried cooking Filipino food for his "only female celebrity friend", 2NE1's Dara!

On this day, Jung Il Woo took on three dishes total - beef kaldereta, seafood sinigang, and garlic rice. The actor revealed that he spent a long time doing research to find out what Filipino foods Dara liked, and how to make them using ingredients found in Korea. Dara commented, "Sinigang is my favorite Filipino food ever. When I was in the Philippines, I couldn't eat my rice unless there was sinigang."

It turned out, though, that Jung Il Woo had not only never tried Filipino foods before, he'd also never been to the Philippines before! While Jung Il Woo busily prepared the three dishes, Dara chatted about the Philippines, including popular travel destinations. Dara also helped out with some basic errands on the side, and Jung Il Woo was quick to point out that it was probably the first and last time that Dara would be trying cooking on YouTube. 

In the end, despite his efforts, Jung Il Woo was unable to recreate the signature taste of Filipino sinigang! Dara, after tasting the final product, said, "This isn't it. But, it's not that bad. I've never tasted anything like this before." 

Finally, the two stars sat down to eat, and Dara was thrilled with the other two dishes Jung Il Woo prepared for her, the garlic rice and the kaldereta. Over the meal, Jung Il Woo and Dara looked back on how they first met on the set of the MBC drama, 'The Return of Iljimae'. Dara recalled the story with, "We were on Daema island. We were cut off from civilization, and we were getting tired of the Japanese-style bentos on the set. That was when I offered you some gochujang. Our friendship began with gochujang." Hearing this, Jung Il Woo burst into laughter and said, "You have such a good memory." 

Having been good friends for the past 13-years, Jung Il Woo and Dara agreed that they were nothing more and nothing less than friends. Jung Il Woo remarked, "The sort of concept that we were supposed to have for today's video was like a 'Date', but there wasn't anything romantic about it. I felt once again that we are 'true friends'." Dara added on, "If we were to feel something for each other, it would have already happened a long time ago." 

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