Posted by germainej Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Singer-songwriter accused of rape after death of ex-girlfriend


Singer-songwriter 'A' has been accused of rape after the death of his ex-girlfriend.

According to MBC's 'News Desk' on November 3, the surviving family of 27-year-old Song filed a complaint against her ex-boyfriend 'A,' who's said to be a famous singer and composer. It's reported Song, who was an aspiring singer working a part-time job and playing as a band member, was found dead this past April. She left a suicide note, stating, "People have caused me hurt and pain."

Two months before her death, Song had a text conversation with a friend stating she had been drugged by 'A' when they were having alcohol together. Song's acquaintances are claiming 'A' had illegally photographed and sexually assaulted her during their relationship, and after hearing of the allegations, Song's father filed a complaint with the police. 

'A's lawyer refuted the claim, stating, "It's just one-sided allegations by the accuser, but A has never acted illegally." Police are currently investigating the case, and they've booked 'A' on the charges of sexual violence, rape, and injury. A search and seizure to digitally analyze 'A's phone and computer are also planned.

'A' is known as a guitarist, who recently participated in recording for a famous idol group. 

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zuzutto45 pts Tuesday, November 3, 2020 2
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Apparently it is Chung Bobby


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wallygirl1976232 pts Tuesday, November 3, 2020 3
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Here we go. Another person who will be tried by the public BEFORE the police can have a fair shot at doing their jobs. Move along people, nothing to see here, yet. IF the allegations are found to be false, these people, including Ms. song's family will be put through even more hell. Just go about your life and wait to see what the judge and REAL jury has to say. There is enough suffering in this world that everyone should be trying to help out with. Kids and families starving, dying from Covid, and worse, right in our own communities! People out of work and needing help with the basic necessities just to live! Why waste precious time yelling and hating about something we can't do anything about? No. Stop and think. I'm sure every single person reading this article has an opinion, BUT, let's put our energy into helping others that really NEED us, our passion for life, and our hearts to open to them! Let's show them that kpop fans are truly a cut above the crowd! Hate and tearing eacj other down is why the world is in such a mess. Let's try to improve the lives of others to improve the world! Doing good deeds has been proven to reduce stress, promote better health for you and whomever you help. PLEASE, let's work together to make the last few months of this horrendous year and all of next year better.


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