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ENHYPEN announce group leader ahead of debut


ENHYPEN announced the group's leader ahead of their debut.

The 'I-LAND' boy group released a new video on YouTube, explaining ENHYPEN's leader selection. The members explained they had undergone interviews and took various tests, and at the end, Heeseung and Jungwon were chosen as the two candidates.

In the end, Jungwon was chosen as the ultimate leader of ENHYPEN. Heeseung stated, "I thought I could offer help in more areas if I were in the role of the eldest and a fellow member rather than a leader," and Jungwon said he would do his best for the members.

He expressed, "I didn't know I would become the leader, and it seems a little sudden. Now I need to feel a sense of duty. I want to be a leader who isn't too distant. I want all 6 members to freely offer their opinions, and I will too. So let's work hard together."

ENHYPEN are dropping their debut album 'Border: Day One' drops on November 30 KST.

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quark12395Allkill VIP20,029 pts Friday, November 13, 2020 2
Friday, November 13, 2020

I know a lot of people thought Heesung was a lock because he was the oldest, but tbh even on I-LAND it seemed like he wasn't a fan of being the defacto leader just because of that and just did it because he needed to so this is for the best.


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sshreyaa2,958 pts Friday, November 13, 2020 0
Friday, November 13, 2020

I don't think it's bad tho, nobody will be perfect at it from the start and think Jungwon will do great cause he's like the harmony in the group. It is a lot of pressure but, I'm sure Jungwon can do it. It was unexpected, but if bighit thinks it's right then it must be and the members seemed satisfied.



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