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DinDin says he dated Rainbow's Hyunyoung in the past?


On September 18, Rainbow's Hyunyoung invited her close friend/rapper DinDin as a guest for her YouTube series, 'Jo Hyunyoung TV'!

First, Hyunyoung introduced DinDin as her "childhood friend", as the two stars (both 1991-liners) lived in the same neighborhood from their elementary school days all the way throughout high school. 

DinDin also introduced himself as, "Jo Hyunyoung's childhood friend since elementary school", greeting viewers of 'Jo Hyunyoung TV'. He was then asked if he remembered his first encounter with Hyunyoung.

However, DinDin gave a totally unrelated answer as he revealed, "I don't know if I should say this? She and I actually dated for like 2 weeks. When we were second or third years in middle school?" Here, Hyunyoung can be heard outside of the frame demanding, "What the f*** are you talking about?"

Laughing, DinDin continued, "We dated for like 2 weeks when we were in middle school, but I wanted to break up with her so I told Beolgu (another friend) to tell you that he liked you. And then I called Beolgu when you were there and we asked him and then he said he liked you, and that's how you two started dating!" Still outside the frame, Hyunyoung could be heard exclaiming, "I have no memory of ever dating you! When did that ever happen?"

DinDin then suggested that they call their other childhood friend, Beolgu. DinDin then asked Beolgu for confirmation, and Beolgu coolly commented, "That's right." When DinDin stated, "She's saying that we never dated," Beolgu refuted, "No, you two did date." Hearing Beolgu's confirmation, Hyunyoung was at a loss for words!

DinDin then chased(?) Hyunyoung out of the frame again, remarking, "I mean we were in middle school, what's the big deal? Middle school kids barely do anything when they date." Later on, the two stars diffused the tension(?) by explaining that through such incidents, they were able to become very close real life friends. 

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Friday, September 18, 2020
hmmm...time to go to school... when you don't leave much of an impression on your date ....



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Saturday, September 19, 2020

This comment section feels like its getting out of hand



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