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Woollim Entertainment's upcoming new boy group DRIPPIN talks about feeling dejected after 'Produce X 101', dealing with malicious comments, struggling with singing & dancing, etc


Back on September 17, Woollim Entertainment's upcoming new rookie boy group DRIPPIN greeted fans with the first episode of their pre-debut reality series, 'We Are DRIPPIN'. 

On this first episode, DRIPPIN started out by introducing themselves, one by one. Set to debut next month in October, DRIPPIN consist of 7-members including Kim Min Seo (19), Lee Hyup (22), Hwang Yun Seong (21), Joo Chang Wook (20), Kim Dong Yun (19), Cha Jun Ho (19), and Alexander (18). The episode then went on to highlight each person's worries, concerns, and uncertainties as the boys begin full-fledged preparations for their debut. 

First, DRIPPIN's Kim Dong Yun talked about his concerns as the only rapper of the team. He said, "I think I lack confidence in myself... I've practiced vocals and dance up until now, and did not start learning how to rap until recently. When I first went to my rap lessons, I was really scared."

Members Joo Chang Wook and Kim Min Seo honestly admitted that their vocal skills were not up to their expectations. Joo Chang Wook revealed, "I am building things up step by step as we prepare for our debut. With dancing, it's a little easier to spot your faults by looking at the mirror. But when it comes to singing, you need to recognize the mistakes with your own sense." Cautiously, Joo Chang Wook also opened up about a time he lost consciousness due to overexertion from practicing. Similarly, Kim Min Seo was asked about maintaining his smile and his positivity, even as he honestly agreed that being a trainee and going to school at the same time was exhausting. "Before going on 'Produce', I thought that I could do anything. But then as soon as I went on the show, I witnessed myself falling down. I cried a lot after that. And then I vowed to myself that I would never cry on broadcast again." 

Next, DRIPPIN's newest maknae member and member whose identity was hidden until very recently, Alex discussed his joining of the team. Alex's full name is Alexander Vincent Ha Young Schmidt Lee, and he described himself as being from a "multinational family", where his mother is Korean but lived overseas and his father is German. Alex revealed that he speaks Korean, English, German, and French. When asked about his worries after joining DRIPPIN, he commented, "Since I joined late, I worried about how I could catch up to everyone's skills, and there was also the uncertainty of my identity being revealed. Many people were under the impression that the group would debut with 6-members. But then if I suddenly appeared, how would others react?"

Alex additionally talked about how he was studying to become an international diplomat, before he was cast to become a trainee. "Before high school, all I did was study. As I entered high school, I was given the opportunity to become a trainee. I've decided that I would give up my first dream and chase after this one, so I don't regret anything." 

DRIPPIN's leader was revealed for the first time on this recent episode of 'We Are DRIPPIN', as the team's second oldest member Hwang Yun Seong. In Yun Seong's case, he confessed that being chosen as the leader was a shock for him, sharing, "I was constantly worried after hearing [that I would be the leader]. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. There was a part of me that felt frustrated, but I think I overcame it because of the members' support." 

The group's oldest member Lee Hyup had his own worries about assuming the role of the oldest. He admitted that he hasn't been the most dependable person so far, but wants to grow into a more dependable hyung for the members in the future. 

Finally, former X1 member Cha Jun Ho talked about his high hopes for his team's fixed debut this time around, after their experiences on 'Produce X 101'. However, even the confident Jun Ho had past concerns to open up about, as he said, "It's true that we received a lot of love [during his X1 days], but we also received a lot of hate. I tried not to have my emotions tossed around so much, but when I saw some people just leaving hateful comments with no apparent purpose, I couldn't help but feel that they just wanted to chew someone up. Without knowing what I've thought about myself or the situation, or how hard I've worked thus far, those people just tore down so many hours of lost sleep as if they were worthless. It made me angry and sad, but I just told myself that they don't know the real me." 

Meanwhile, DRIPPIN's pre-debut reality series 'We Are DRIPPIN' airs every week via Seezn on Thursday and Friday nights at 6 PM KST. The episodes will also be uploaded to YouTube the following week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

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harperoh527 pts Saturday, September 19, 2020 0
Saturday, September 19, 2020

Cha Jun Ho, our precious Cha Cha, congratulations on debuting. We will fight for you and we'll support you no matter what. Please know that many people support you and will support you. I'm excited for Drippin! Cha Jun Ho, fighting! Drippin, Fighting!



xx-jenn-xx Allkill VIP 10,637 pts Saturday, September 19, 2020 0
Saturday, September 19, 2020

Drippin just doesn't fit these boys as a name oi, i just wanna bonk who ever came up with the name over the head



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