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The Best Seoul Hangout Spots For You and Your Friends

By LorraineYe   Monday, August 28, 2017   71,391   379   27
Oh, my Seoul!
Seoul is on the tip of everybody's tongue. With colorful nightlife and culturally-enlightening sights, the city puts forth the best Korea has to offer. However, Seoul is very much divided into areas by age groups that oftentimes heavily populate the area. AKP has made a list of the best Seoul hangout areas to find people your age! So ditch your parents, we're going to Seoul!



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1. Hongdae
Hongdae is a sub-culture playground. Filled with grunge indie rockers, struggling hip-hop rappers, and more, Hongdae is the perfect destination for a young person! Due to the colleges that surround the area, the town has a very forward-thinking and progressive mindset that contrasts Korea's mainstream-style thinking. During the day you can go cafe-hopping, then when night falls, you can dance the night away at some of the biggest clubs in Korea!
2. Itaewon
Previously a rough part of town, Itaewon's newly renovated restaurants, clubs, lounges, upscale designer stores and more have made it a foreigner's dream to travel to. Itaewon is heavily populated with foreign nationals, so if you're looking to touch elbows with some Korean nationals, I'd advise another part of town. Nonetheless, Itaewon is home to some of the richest nightlife. Cakeshop, Faust, MYSTIK, and others offer underground club vibes on the weekends.
3. Myeongdong
This is the place to go to with your shopaholic friends! With inexpensive clothes for purchase and foods to consume, Myeongdong is a young person's dream. Netizens claim that before 'Gangnam Style' there was 'Myeongdong Style' because of the popularity of the area. Though it is frequented by a huge number of teens, older people enjoy the area as well!
4. Cheongdam
Where high-end luxury meets everyday life. Cheongdam is elegance at its finest. Cheongdam is home to high-end retail shops, delicious eats, name-brand bags, and more! Don't be scared off! Cheongdam is still a place that has affordable places to enjoy. Go cafe-hopping or boutique shopping in the day and gear up in the night because Cheongdam is home to some of the biggest and most exclusive clubs in the world! The lights on the streets of this luxury mecca are reminiscent of a European cobblestone path feel.
5. Apgujeong
Want to see and be seen? This 'Beverly Hills' has a heap of places to visit for relatively inexpensive costs. The French feel of this area is apparent with cozy-looking places to eat, designer retail, wine bars and more. Apgujeong is also home to the Barbie store, where you can get a manicure like Barbie and dress up in her clothes. If that's not Instagram worthy, we don't know what is!
6. Geondae
The Konkuk University area, or Geondae for short, is known for great food, shopping, Chinatown and did we say: GREAT FOOD? With row after row of street food, be sure to come hungry! Geondae is a fast-paced lifestyle with businesses, foods, and people coming in and out at an extremely rapid pace. Teeming with students, this is also a great place if you like to stop and have a few drinks and laughs with the people around you!

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