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Posted by alice10144 pts Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Korean tourists getting harassed in Japan is caught on camera


Korean tourists getting verbally attacked by Japanese men was caught on camera and this latest incident is adding to the growing controversy of racism against Korean tourists in Japan. 

Many reports of Korean tourists getting mistreated, harassed, or even attacked in Osaka have been making headlines in both Korea and Japan over the past month. These are suspected to be racially motivated acts and there is now a video that seems to clearly show racist harassment. 

In the released video, 2 female Korean tourists are being harrassed by 4 young men who are speaking Japanese. One of the girls can be seen filming herself, explaining which hotel that they stayed in when suddenly, one of the Japanese men stands close to them, while hurling ethnic insults at the women. 

He is recorded saying, "She's speaking Korean. Die, Korea!" The tourist continues to film herself, stating, "The Japanese guys are saying something about Korea, but I want to ignore him." 

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A little later, another man flips his middle finger at the camera and mocks the tourists while cursing, and says, "You're cute. Let's take a photo together." 

Fearful, the women stopped filming and hurriedly ran to get out of the spot while the young men continued to yell behind their backs. In an interview, one of the victims explained, "There were 4 of them, and they were all taller. I was scared because they were cursing at me...I was so scared. There was nobody else around." 

This is not the first harassment incident in Osaka that has come to light recently. One tourist received a bus ticket that had a racial slur against Koreans on his bus ticket instead of his actual name. Another incident that angered tourists was when a train in Osaka announced that there were a lot of Koreans on board that could cause inconveniences. The most notable one was the 'wasabi terror' (read more here) that forced Osaka's mayor to publicly acknowledge and address the issue. 

Osaka is one of the most beloved travel destinations for Koreans, and even though the majority of the tourists have a positive experience in the city, the growing number of incidents are raising concerns. 

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