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Which female idol's career would be affected the most if they were embroiled in a dating scandal?


In recent weeks, there have been various dating news stories reported in Korean entertainment that have been stirring up abuzz in various online communities.

Recently, an intriguing poll was conducted by the community portal site, DC Inside. The poll asked, "Which idol would be most affected by dating rumors?" and the poll was conducted for seven days from March 25 to 31.

Out of a total of 28,919 votes, IVE's Jang Won Young received 5,450 votes (19%) to take first place. As the center of the girl group IVE, Jang Won Young is loved for her doll-like appearance and captivating charm. She also acts as a brand ambassador for various luxury brands and is recognized worldwide. Jang Won Young is considered one of the leading idols representing the 4th generation of girl groups.

Kim Chae Won
took second place with 4,636 votes (17%). As the leader of the girl group LE SSERAFIM, Kim Chae Won has won fans' love with her cute speech and playful behavior. Creating various memes on her content, Kim Chae Won has gained popularity not only in music but also in entertainment, showcasing her lovely charm.

's Winter was chosen as third with 4,129 votes (15%). As the main vocalist and visual member of the girl group aespa, Winter is known for her cute appearance and excellent singing skills. Recently, Winter showcased her strong charm through her mini-album 'Drama' and continues to actively promote her as a singer.

Others on the ranking include Haerin (New Jeans) and Ahn Yu Jin (IVE).

Korean netizens commented, "I think this just means that they are that popular," "I think it's important who they date in that report," "I'm surprised by Jang Won Young," "They do such random poll," and "I think I would be so butt hurt if any of these idols said they were dating."

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acha5024,564 pts 14 days ago 0
14 days ago

Jang Won Young's future boyfriend will probably have the most criticism. Just because she is so popular, and people see her as like that the perfect living doll. He probably has to be really good looking or really rich.

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Lilys-Doe258 pts 14 days ago 1
14 days ago

why is it called a scandal in the first place? many of them are even getting married and people are happy for them. do these people think the female celebs are just a face, not a human being, or their songs starts to sounds bad if they date, or that they have a chance to date her, or that it's cooler to imagine dating them without being hit by a reality that she's already taken? I'll never get the logic behind this probably.

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