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Kim Byung Man says he feels betrayed after hearing the news about the 'Law of the Jungle' spin-off show 'Jungle Bob'


Kim Byung Man responded to the news that 'Law of the Jungle' is returning with a spin-off show 'Jungle Bob' after three years without him.

On April 17, SBS revealed that the popular show 'Law of the Jungle' will return with a new spin-off show after three years. Although SBS clarified that 'Jungle Bob' would be a brand new spin-off show from 'Law of the Jungle,' the same production team for 'Law of the Jungle' will continue the project for the new spin-off show with brand new cast members. 

Actor Ryu Soo Young is reportedly in talks to join the show and the show will focus on introducing cuisines of different countries. SBS firmly explained that Kim Byung Man would not be joining the show.

Regarding the various news about the new show, Kim Byung Man recently shared his position.

He explained, "It sounds like I, Kim Byung Man, said I didn't want to do it (the program) but that's not it. I was waiting for the 'Law of the Jungle.' But then, there was news about whether they're ending 'Law of the Jungle' or would re-start it. In fact, I wished they would cut it off sooner." 

He continued, "It wasn't that someone told me not to appear on the show, nor was it that I said I wouldn't appear on it. But to put it simply, it feels like I've been 'dumped'. I feel very hurt by SBS. I've put my life on the line for 11 years and have always run with a sense of ownership..."

Kim Byung Man continued, "I'm not expressing my disappointment and saying, 'Give me a spot on the show.' However, many staff members lost their fixed jobs after 'Law of the Jungle' ended. I gathered those staff members and went to produce 'Jungle Craft' with my private funds. In fact, I'm producing the show at a loss. In such a situation, I feel hurt hearing news about Jungle Bob." 

'Jungle Craft,' is a YouTube show launched on Kim Byung Man's YouTube channel and is an entertainment show showing surviving in the wild. The show is currently being produced by the audio director, video director, and writers who worked with Kim Byung Man on 'Law of the Jungle.'

He added, "After 'Law of the Jungle' ended, I planned to continue to create such content with these staff members in the hope of keeping 'Law of the Jungle' alive. But I heard about this news while being overseas."

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2t2u265 pts Wednesday, April 17, 2024 3
Wednesday, April 17, 2024

it sbs.. are people forgot they want to cut kjk and sjh and put khd in running man.... their production side of variety show is always shaddy

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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

As someone who watched all seasons, the man carried the whole show, even when he was hospitalized. The crew who took over the show while he was in hospital, did it for him and because of him. The respect and admiration people had for him along with his skills, made the whole show. That's is a place i wouldnt like to step over but than again, fairness is not a must in KE business...

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