Posted by Alec06 Monday, April 15, 2024

ILLIT faces mixed reactions over live performances amid rising popularity


Recently, the online community and platforms have been buzzing with discussions about ILLIT and the controversy surrounding their encore live performances.

The first incident that sparked debate occurred on the 2nd during SBS MTV's 'The Show', where ILLIT won first place with their debut title track 'Magnetic'. Just eight days after their debut, ILLIT not only claimed the top spot, showcasing their "super rookie" status, but also faced criticism for their unstable pitch and shaky voices during the encore performance.

The video of this encore live quickly spread online, escalating into a debate about ILLIT’s abilities.

Netizens reacting negatively didn’t hold back their disappointment about ILLIT's live performance skills. However, many also defended the group, attributing the shaky performance to the nerves and pressure of their first-ever win.

Despite the mixed reactions, ILLIT's popularity continues to soar as they keep winning first place on music shows. They topped 'The Show' again and on the 13th, they secured their first-ever terrestrial music show trophy by winning on MBC's 'Show! Music Core'.

With high expectations following the criticism of their first encore performance, every subsequent stage showed ILLIT confidently displaying their live skills under pressure.

As they continued to perform, their confidence in live settings grew, and the stability of Minju's performances in particular started gaining positive attention, boosting support for ILLIT.

However, some members still face harsh critiques about their vocal abilities. The disappointment from fans familiar with ILLIT’s pre-debut, audition-proven talents has lingered.

Comments from netizens include, 

"They debuted with a great song, but the skills are disappointing,"

"They need to rebuild their basics," 

"I'm skeptical about HYBE's vocal training system," and

"Even if they are 'growers', the starting point of their skills is too low."

Meanwhile,ILLIT, who officially debuted on the 25th last month as the youngest girl group from HYBE, has been doing well on various domestic and international charts with their title track 'Magnetic'.

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ilvk3,162 pts Monday, April 15, 2024 7
Monday, April 15, 2024

This is just my opinion. Let's say you go to a doctor who is still a junior and this doctor makes such mistakes, would you be this understanding? If you go to a junior bank clerk and they make such mistakes, will you also be this understanding? No, because understandably enough you will be expecting a certain level of professionalism or skill from the person providing the service since they are, supposedly, professionals. If they aren't ready to debut, train them until they are and only then debut them, simple as that. Korea is known for their cutthroat competitive environment, so it's to be expected that ppl would be upset when half-baked idols debut and get chances over others who are far more prepared, and just because it's the entertainment industry it doesn't mean that they get a free pass: at the end of the day, it's still a job. At this point HYBE is following the standard massproduction mindset, completely disregarding quality and investing in quantity, marketing and whatnot to make sure that there are HYBE artists promoting all year round.

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lemonEd889 pts Monday, April 15, 2024 2
Monday, April 15, 2024

Hybe, so rich yet so cheap. Can’t even spare a few thousands for good vocal training.

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