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'Ilgan Sports' announces inaugural 'Korea Grand Music Awards' to honor excellence in K-pop and trot


'Ilgan Sports', a prominent paper known for creating the prestigious 'Golden Disc Awards', South Korea's longest-standing music accolades, is set to introduce the inaugural '1st Korea Grand Music Awards' (KGMA) in 2024.

Announced by the KGMA organizing committee on February 13 KST, the inaugural ceremony is scheduled for November 2-3 in South Korea. The 'Korea Grand Music Awards', initiated by Ilgan Sports, which spearheaded the 'Golden Disc Awards' since 1986 until 2020, aims to honor outstanding achievements in various popular music genres like K-pop and Trot, beloved by audiences at home and abroad. It aims to unite artists and fans alike in celebration of music.

This special awards ceremony intends to pay homage to artists contributing to the global dissemination of Korean culture with a blend of impartiality and popularity. Judges comprising leading experts in the industry, along with assessments of digital music sales, physical album sales, and fan engagement through mobile voting, will determine the winners, fostering trust among K-pop artists and fans.

Moreover, the 'Korea Grand Music Awards' seeks to foster cohesion across generations of K-pop, welcoming iconic figures alongside emerging talents. The timing of this event holds significance as it coincides with the 100th anniversary of Korean popular music.

Details regarding artist lineups, award categories, and judging criteria will be disclosed progressively through the official website and the voting app Fancast.

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COS-mos674 pts 21 days ago 0
21 days ago

Another award show? Aren't the ones available not enough? Or do they have plans of making it their own Grammy award show but for k-pop artists? If the credibility of their evaluation is strong and not biased then it's an award show that I would look forward too. Every award show needs fairness and if they are able to show it through their decisions then I'm sure it's a show people will look forward to in a long run.

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gyeranrapper-247 pts 21 days ago 0
21 days ago

Jesus, how many fucking award shows do we need in South Korea? Every Kim, Song, and Park wants to grift on views, ticket sales, and that ever-profitable "vote for your favorite group by watching a ton of ads so that we can monetize your stupid obsession" audience engagement portion of the awards, with of course thousands of "useful idiots" brainlessly suckered into taking part in their grift. These awards have become meaningless and starting to turn into a joke.

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