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K-netizens shake their heads as Crazed Fans were outraged over "their idols" socializing with the opposite sex at MAMA After Party


K-pop is no stranger to fervent fandoms, and a recent hot topic in online community and social media discussions has sparked a debate. The '2023 MAMA Awards' unfolded on November 28 and 29, commemorating the achievements of numerous K-pop artists over the past year.

The MAMA Awards, a perennial topic of interest in various online K-pop communities, sparked numerous posts about the performances, award recipients, and other event highlights. This year, however, the awards have found themselves at the heart of a contentious debate following the release of photos from the MAMA after-party.

Some crazed fans took to social media to voice their discontent in response to these images. Their main concern centered around the perception that the after-party served as a venue for young idols to socialize and mingle with members of the opposite sex.

They wrote comments such as:

Translation: "I'm totally put off all of a sudden. There's going to be more than one or two idols who start dating there. This is a hunting bar under the pretext of after-party."
Translation: "Cancel MAMA. There's no answer. This is deceiving fans."
Translation: "Wow, but this is, basically, advertising. We're going to make stuff like that here, right?"
Translation: "Is this a hunting party? Vulgur meeting party?"/ "This is infuriating."
Translation: This is like ISAC. Animal Kingdom.

After the MAMA after-party, social media platform X was inundated with a wave of discontent from fans. Many expressed their dismay, particularly over the notion that an event designed to honor musical achievements had turned into a platform for voicing concerns about idols possibly engaging in dating.

In a contrasting response, Korean netizens thought these fans were too crazed. Rather than joining the outcry, they questioned the intense reactions to what was, in essence, a social event. These netizens saw the backlash as an overreaction, pointing out that the after-party was meant to be an enjoyable, lighthearted, celebratory gathering, not a stage for controversy.

Korean netizens commented, "I don't know but I'm just envious. It looks fun with all the good-looking and handsome people together," "Just get rid of your fantasy about idols. They're human too," "Why can't they just think of it as a social party with co-workers? The standard for idols is so severe," "Idols who want to date will date no matter what, doesn't matter where they meet," "I think the after-party would be so fun," and "Hey, girls! If your favorite male idols tell you, "Don't date! Don't get married! No male friends!" are you really going to follow that? No matter how much they are idols, they are not your possessions; they are people. Are they your sons? Even their parents don't restrict them that way. Fans support and dedicate money because they like entertainers. If you feel jealous and think it's a waste of money when you see things like that, have you seen the private lives of foreign celebrities? It must be surprising. Why is Korea so tightly closed? Who started this vicious cycle is a real mystery..."

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likebudda894 pts Friday, December 1, 2023 14
Friday, December 1, 2023

Do they believe these hyper-attractive people aren't having sex with each other? Music company dorms are like the Olympic village only with gold medals in plastic surgery.

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Kaye132,720 pts Friday, December 1, 2023 2
Friday, December 1, 2023

These people are chronically online with no social lives.

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