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K-Media highlights Jimin's impact as a "Favorite of Idols" in an article on how young Japanese people desire to become K-pop Idols

Jimin's impact in the K-pop industry is second to none, and this can be attested to by the fact that numerous rookie idols have named him as their role model. Some have stated that he is the reason they wanted to become idols in the first place, just by watching his performances. Moreover, it has become a tradition that almost every main dancer in any newly debuted K-pop group will cover Jimin's solo performance, the most common one being 'Lie,' as a way to prove his capabilities as a dancer. In fact, this practice has now popularly become known as 'a rite of passage' for the rookie main dancers. Similarly, Jimin has earned the title of the 'rookies' bible' and 'idol of idols' because he has become a representative of the industry's standard in performing, and everyone looks up to him [read here and here for examples].

It is not just young Koreans who constantly express their admiration, love, and respect for Jimin as an idol and say that he inspires them to want to become idols too. This 'Jimin effect' has spilled over to other countries as well, Japan being right up there with South Korea in terms of his impact.

In an article published on September 14, K-media reported on how young Japanese people develop the desire to become K-pop idols, mentioning Jimin's impact and role in the development of such desires. One idol trainee, Ayame Sumimoto, said she is Jimin's fan and expressed her enthusiasm that "Jimin supports his fan's lives."  As always, Jimin's impact continues to be demonstrated far and wide through such narrations.

Ayame is just one of the many young Japanese people who have aspirations to become K-pop idols, and this widespread desire among young people in Japan to join the K-pop industry has caused the establishment of several Korean Idol training institutes where such individuals are taught to sing in Korean and dance like K-pop idols. 

Jimin has always been loved and adored immensely in Japan. Thus, it is not surprising that young Japanese individuals want to become K-pop idols because of him. He is the top K-pop idol in the country regarding different topics ranging from dance skills, popularity, brand power, visuals, vocal skills and many other things.

Japanese netizens revere him as the top dancer in K-pop as he always tops Japan-based dance polls for the 'Best Dancer in K-pop' year after year, along with several other dance surveys in the country. He also receives lots of praise from Japanese radio and tv hosts, athletes, and fellow artists for his skills in vocals and dance and his mesmerizing visuals. Many of them have named him as their favorite member of BTS, while even legendary icons in the world of athletics like 'Yuzuru Hanyu' have also expressed their admiration for his beautiful dance lines and said they are studying his dance to improve their own performances, which is a huge deal. 

Here are the different cases, as reported previously, where Jimin has proven to be Japan's favorite idol!

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Jimin influence and impact as a role model for other Idols , truly Idol of Idols

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