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"Because of him they have to serve in the military," South Korean roller skater's premature celebration hands Gold Medal to Taiwan at the Asian Games


At the Asian Games, Taiwanese athlete Huang Yu Lin snatched gold from the South Korean team in a huge upset. The Taiwanese team secured the victory for the gold in the men's 3000m roller skating relay final in the last few seconds of the race. This win could be credited to the premature celebration of Jung Cheol Won, the leading member of the South Korean national team.

The South Korean national team - composed of Choi In Ho, Choi Kwang Ho, and Jung Cheol Won - won a silver medal in the competition final held at the Qiantang Roller Skating Center in Hangzhou, China, on October 2. Their time was 4 minutes and 5.702 seconds, just narrowly trailing behind Taiwan, who finished in 4 minutes and 5.692 seconds.

Jung Cheol Won, the anchorman for Korea, made the mistake of spreading out his arms in a premature celebration, just a few feet away from the finish line. Seizing this opportunity, Huang Yu Lin extended his left foot and secured an upset victory for Taiwan.

After the race, Huang Yu Lin said, "My coach always tells me to stay calm and see what's ahead. So, in the final corner, I intentionally moved forward." He continued, "I saw the moment when the opponent was celebrating. We were just a few meters short of catching up to Jung Cheol Won. At that moment, I didn't think about anything and just sprinted towards the finish line."

In the immediate aftermath of the race, it seemed as if the Korean team had secured the gold. Huang Yu Lin also mentioned, "Because he (Jung Cheol Won) was in front of me, I didn't know if I had won. I couldn't be sure if I had crossed the finish line in time."

However, upon further review and looking at the replays, it was confirmed that Taiwan, not Korea, had won the race, leading to a reversal of emotions. Huang Yu Lin said, "I felt really disappointed, thinking that I fell slightly short, but it was displayed on the screen that I won by a 0.01-second margin." He added, "It was a miracle."

Taiwan's joy turned into despair for South Korea. The Korean athletes held the national flag and celebrated after the race when they later saw the official results. Jung Cheol Won expressed regret, saying, "My mistake was too big. I let my guard down and made a mistake by not pushing until the very end," as he lowered his head.

Significantly, the South Korean roller skate team has missed out on the opportunity to secure a special military service exemption, as only Gold medalists in the Asian Games are exempted from the military.

Korean netizens commented, "Congratulations to the ROK Army on the acquisition of one of our newest recruits, Absolute Loyalty," "They really wanted to lose," "They must be patriots wanting to serve in the military," "I saw that they were celebrating and so I thought the opponent was far behind but he was next to him. Why was he so complacent?? Did he really want to go to the military?" "His teammates must be so angry, because of him they have to go to the military," and "I can understand if they lost because they lacked the skill but it's unforgivable that they lost because they were careless."

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just_here_4_fun1,648 pts Monday, October 2, 2023 0
Monday, October 2, 2023

Oof, this is why you never celebrate too early ....

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RealestStan1,046 pts Monday, October 2, 2023 5
Monday, October 2, 2023

Damn he is definitely beating himself up over this but it already happened. All he can do now is learn from this mistake. And they won silver bruh thats still amazing

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