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Posted by Sofia-Sayson Wednesday, September 13, 2023

[INTERVIEW] BBGIRLS on their new start with single album 'One More Time': 'It is very exciting to be reintroduced'


Formerly known as Brave Girlswith the viral single "Rollin'," the four-member girl group — composed of MINYOUNG, YOUJOUNG, EUNJI, and YUNA — is now back after rebranding as BBGIRLS under Warner Music Korea. Three months after announcing their new journey back in May, the quartet has finally released their very first single as BBGIRLS.

Spending 12 years together, BBGIRLS presents the group's reimagined identity and sound while showcasing the unbreakable bond between the members through their recent special single album 'One More Time.'

The single album includes the addictive retro pop sound title track "One More Time," which samples “Give It To Me Baby” by the legendary soul-funk artist Rick James. While the B-side track is titled "Lemonade," a trendy pop song with a refreshing vibe.

We are excited and nervous at the same time to see how our fans will feel about the new BBGIRLS, but we believe that you will love it!” said EUNJI.

To commemorate BBGIRLS' anticipated return, allkpop had the chance to speak with the members on the single, re-debuting, sharing a piece of advice to their younger selves, and more. Continue reading to learn more about the quartet!

Shout-out from BBGIRLS:

allkpop: First of all, we want to congratulate you on your comeback with 'One More Time'! People may have known you for being "Brave Girls." Now that you've reintroduced yourselves as BBGIRLS, does this feel like you've re-debuted? Tell us how you feel about releasing new music with all the changes and joining the new music label, Warner Music Korea!

MINYOUNG: Thanks for the interview, Sofia! The four of us are beginning a new journey as BBGIRLS. We are nervous and excited at the same time. It is very exciting to be reintroduced and to also start in a new environment. We, together with our music label, have worked hard in every step of the process to create an album that shows all of our distinct colors well.

allkpop: 'One More Time' is your first release as BBGIRLS, and it seems the perfect title to introduce yourselves again. What steps did you take into consideration to make this album your first as BBGIRLS?

EUNJI: We took the time to listen to a lot of demos and communicated a lot. “ONE MORE TIME” was the song that stood out the most, with a strong first impression and the most lasting impression. Also, as the title suggests, this track portrays a message of trying one more time. We believed it would be the most fitting concept for BBGIRLS re-debut.

allkpop: The members have participated in every step of the creation process. Could you share with us the preparations for this particular album? How did the four of you work together throughout the process, from working in the recording studio to the filming of the music video?

MINYOUNG: The recording process was very fun, and filming the music video was also fun. It is always fun when we work together. Our members have a strong bond that has been built over the years, so we know how to communicate with each other in the most efficient and effective way.

allkpop: It's been more than a decade since you debuted as a group and since you've been together for a long time, I was wondering what you've learned from each other from this journey. In what ways do you think each of the members has grown, be it professional or personal growth?

EUNJI: All of the members have grown a lot. 10 years ago, as we were rookies and didn’t have much stage experience, we weren’t sure about how to enjoy ourselves on stage. But as we went on many different stages, we certainly got better at having fun while performing.

allkpop: One secret to your longevity is that, again, you've been together for over 10 years now. But how do you keep your relationship with each other healthy? Sometimes, there may be miscommunications, but how do you resolve and approach these things?

YOUJOUNG: When there are misunderstandings, we try to resolve them by talking to each other honestly. We’ve been through good times and bad times together, and we know that a good relationship needs honesty.

allkpop: I read in an interview that one of your goals is to win 'Rookie of the Year.' You've been in the industry for a while now and are even being looked up to by the other idols. Do you still consider yourselves a rookie group? Let's say, for instance, BBGIRLS is a rookie group, while Brave Girls is your sunbaenim, but you are just the same people. From your experience, what will Brave Girls tell BBGIRLS? It may be a piece of advice or such!

YOUJOUNG: We do think it is a brand new beginning for our group. Brave Girls would definitely be proud of BBGIRLS. They would probably tell us that we’ve done well. Proud to see all four of us still performing together!

allkpop: What is the one big thing that you've learned from your career and you're still applying it to whatever you're doing now?

YUNA: I think an unchanging heart is the most important part. Of course, everyone could get tired and think about giving up on a dream they really want. But if you decide not to give up on that thing you truly want, you may just be able to achieve it. That is an important message I have learned and value.

allkpop: There have been a lot of ups and downs during your journey since then, but you didn't give up until you guys went viral with "Rollin'." What propelled you to just push through your career as a singer? Amidst all the negative thoughts that came through your mind back then, what was it that you're holding onto?

YUNA: Even during hard times, I think the biggest motivation was that I felt sorry and also thankful for my fans. I also wanted to be proud of myself. That kept me going.

allkpop: You're known as the 'Summer Queens' of K-pop at the moment. But if there is a particular title you'd like to name BBGIRLS, what would it be?

MINYOUNG: I want the title of an ‘artist who constantly tries new genres and challenges’. I hope BBGIRLS becomes the most long-lived, continuously developing artist-girl group.

allkpop: To wrap up this interview, do you have anything else to say to allkpop readers and your fans all over the world who are going to read this story?

BBGIRLS: We really appreciate all your support and love. Wherever you are, we hope we can show you our performance in person soon! Thank you always and hope you enjoy our new album. We love you!

Website: BBGIRLS
Instagram: weare_bbgirls
Twitter: weare_bbgirls
YouTube: 브브걸 (BBGIRLS)
TikTok: @weare_bbgirls

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Im so glad they keep going. BB Girls is such an unique group.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

One of my favorite girl groups 💖 I was so beyond excited when I heard they were staying together and releasing music still. Wishing them all the best ☺️ My 70 year old mother and I like to listen to this group together, she enjoys them a lot too.

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