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Viewers deduce who killed Son Myeong Oh a few days ahead of the premiere of The Glory' part 2


With the release date of 'The Glory Part 2' just around the corner, netizens and viewers have shared some interesting speculation about Son Myeong Oh (played by Kim Gun Woo), whose life or death was not revealed in part 1.

[Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead.]

On February 28, the film review YouTube channel ‘Minhoaurs’ pointed out some clues about who could have killed Son Myeong Oh. The YouTuber pointed out, "When Son Myeon Oh was about to get hit by someone. If you look closely, that person is wearing a gradient-colored dress." The Youtuber shared that he increased the color contrast on the screen and found that the dress is a green gradient color that becomes lighter and is completely white on the bottom."

He then shares, "In the drama still cut image of 'The Glory' Part 2 that was recently released, Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon) is seen wearing a deep forest green dress that highly resembles the dress that Son Myeon Oh's killer was seen wearing."

The YouTuber found the dress that Park Yeon Jin was seen wearing and deduced that Park Yeon Jin is Son Myeon Oh's killer.

In 'The Glory,' Son Myeon Oh was one of the high school friends who hung out with Park Yeon Jin and did the group's bidding. Later in life, Son Myeong Oh grew up but continued to run errands for Jeon Jae Joon, Lee Sa Ra, Park Yeon Jin, and Choi Hye Jung, without having a proper job.

At the end of 'The Glory' Part 1, Son Myeon Oh disappears, and viewers are shown a scene where Son Myeong Oh is bleeding from his head while someone beats him to death.

Meanwhile, 'The Glory' part 2 will air on Netflix on March 10.

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Oh I’m hearing that he isn’t actually dead. To many questions can’t wait to watch

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19 days ago

I think its park yeonjin tbh bcz whenever he was mentioned infront of her after he was missing she was shaking or surprised maybe it is a criminal feeling guilty ?🤔🤫

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