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UN's Choi Jung Won is suing the man who accused him of having an affair


UN's Choi Jung Won sued the man who accused him of having an affair.

On February 6th, Choi Jung Won's legal representative issued a statement announcing that the actor has sued the man who accused him of having an affair that "caused a family to break up". Below is the statement from Choi Jung Won's lawyer. 

"Hello, this is actor Choi Jung Won's legal representative from Hyunmyeong, Yoon Yong Suk, Esq. Choi Jung Won has been spending mentally excruciating days since January when A accused him of having an affair.   

Long story short, Choi Jung Won has been a close friend with A's wife B since his early 20s, and they never were anything more than good friends. Also, they recently shared a meal together for the first time in a while but it is not true they had 'an emotional affair.' 

Nevertheless, in the YouTube video where A appeared and accused Choi Jung Won, he used many derogatory terms to describe something that has not happened.

At first, Choi Jung Won did not take legal action as he knew he would be tarnishing his reputation by bringing up such a dispute in the public eye. But after reading the interview B held with a reporter, he learned how B had to write a statement falsely admitting the relationship with him. Moreover, he learned how A forced B to share defamatory false information (such as Choi Jung Won has been asking around to borrow money) to their mutual acquaintances. As a result, Choi Jung Won decided to take action. 

Last year, Choi Jung Won also received multiple threatening text messages from A. A has been continuing his personal attack on Choi Jung Won on social media.  

Choi Jung Won compiled these and filed a claim against A today, on February 6th. Choi Jung Won will continue to pursue legal action whenever there is a problematic action. 

Last but not least, A's wife B sent a handwritten statement saying 'I'm deeply regretting writing a false statement admitting the relationship between Choi Jung Won due to my husband's threat. And I want to set things straight.' We have attached a copy of the statement per B's request."

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yeahkpop166,320 pts Monday, February 6, 2023 0
Monday, February 6, 2023

I hope he follows through. "A" is a real piece of work.

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MrsQueen6,793 pts Monday, February 6, 2023 0
Monday, February 6, 2023

May the justice served! Best of luck!! I hope nothing but the downfall of that wife beater monster “A”.

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