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Netizens appalled by the poor decision-making of one K-Pop idol company, banning fans from making/distributing fan banners for 'copyright violation'


One K-Pop agency is facing criticism from netizens for its poor decision-making. 

Earlier this week, fans were disappointed to learn that the production of a fan-made cheering slogan, designed and distributed by a homemaster, has been cancelled.

The homemaster revealed that they had received a request from the K-Pop idol's agency, reading, 

"Hello, this is Brave Entertainment.
After confirming the sale of unofficial merchandise which takes and uses the image of our agency artist Lune without permission, we would like to request the following.
Lune is an artist under Brave Entertainment, and thus, rights to the use of his image in any form, as well as his IP, are owned by Brave Entertainment.
Therefore, we request that you stop the sale of such unofficial merchandise.
Please confirm the above."

Faced with the idol agency's problematization of "using copyrighted intellectual property without permission", the homemaster quickly announced the cancellation of all slogan productions, assuring that fans who ordered the slogan would be refunded.

As many of you know, such a restrictive instance of an agency banning fans from activity meant to cheer on idols is rare in the K-Pop scene. In response, netizens commented,

"What a stupid agency."
"They literally know nothing..."
"Wow, snuffing out healthy fan activity, what a way to ruin a group."
"99% of the time, K-Pop groups flop because of their incompetent agencies."
"This is literally so stupid. Obviously fans are making a lot of banners and things right now to cheer on the groups on 'Peak Time'. The idols are working so hard up on stage but the company won't let fans do what fans do best, cheering on idols and also promoting the idol to other fans."
"K-Pop idols rely on these kinds of mass-scale fan activities led by homemasters to sustain their fanbase. This company should not be in the idol business."
"Do they not realize that no other company bans these activities??"
"Does the company seriously think the homemaster is trying to make money..."
"I can't believe there's a company like this that knows absolutely nothing about the K-Pop industry and fan culture." 
"Brave... I'm still mad about how they let Brave Girls end like that."
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Brave Entertainment is digging their own graves at this point.

Let me explain for new kpop fans. Fandoms make merchandise to:

1. Promote the idols activity e.g. concert, show, comeback and etc. This way they crowdfund, funds used by other fans during promotions. This brings attention from non-fans and fans alike since the fan goods are typically very cute.

2. Prints like this are often used for idols concerts or comebacks for cheering. This brings in funds that cover the cost of the design, print and the the rest of the funds are used to buy adds for stream, buy albums (for giveaway to increase fandom organic streaming), gifts for the idols (e.g. lunch box support) and etc..

3. When there is a lack of official goods, fan made goods literally allow fans to buy from fellow fans and freely wearing the merchandise outside - it give free promotion to the group. How many times where you outside and a a name/brand you didn't recognize on a pretty piece of clothing or etc.? Then, looked up? Plus, fans and people that like the design literally wear it for free, this means the groups logo is recognized more.

4. This involvement of fans for fans, on creative activities help the group and the fandom to grow and create stronger bond together.

Yes, while infringement of a copyright is bad, literally all big 3 and even HYPE allows it to happen for their groups, when fandoms are involved. Why? Because it the long run, it builds up the fandom, increases free promotional support and doesn't make the company look bad going after fandoms promoting their own groups just because they like the group.

Now, what Brave Entertainment is doing coupled with the Brave Girls disbandment is going to make all fans, especially Korean ones have a negative association even more with the company and its idols I know, several fans that have online said that while they love the idols of BE. This was the last straw for them, as they had purchased fan made goods to support fandom activities in the past and thus the group. They literally will no longer give to fundraisers or participate in album buying.

Once, again we are left with the old saying in kpop poor management and PR, will end the best of groups.

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MrsQueen6,793 pts 30 days ago 0
30 days ago

Poorly handled.. should have been properly investigated first before cut them off rightaway.. if they do it to support the group and not for business, let them be. In many fandom there’s always fans coordinators who often printing + doing creative works/fan made merch to cheer the groups or each others. These kind of creative activities help the group and the fandom to grow and create stronger bond, if the agency too strict and arrogant in understanding fans, your group and fandom would slowly gone.

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