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Four female contestants from 'Physical: 100' display their powerful physiques in a pictorial with W Korea magazine


Netflix's original survival competition show 'Physical: 100' ended in success, with the winner announced last week.

'Physical:100' is a competition show to find out the best physique among 100 contestants competing for 300 million KRW. The show became the first Korean variety TV show to rank first in the global Netflix TV show category. According to Netflix, it recorded 454.2 million cumulative viewing hours from the 13th to the 19th of this month. It also ranked first in the Global Top 10 Non-English TV Show category for two weeks in a row.

The show received much love for the new type of competition with impressive film sets that amazed not only the competitors but the viewers as well. Also, the contestants received much love as many athletes from various sports, military soldiers, and YouTubers joined the program and were able to get the limelight they deserved.

In particular, the female contestants received much applause as they competed head-to-head against strong male contestants.

Recently, the four female contestants of 'Physical: 100' participated in a pictorial with W Korea magazine and were given a chance to display another side to their charms.

In the interview included in the magazine, the contestants shared how they were cast for the show and how they felt. Jang Eun Sil shared, "My team was able to win against the stronger teams. Just as it said in the show, we were the underdogs." She looked back at the way she was cast on the show and explained, "I received a casting for the show when I was going through the same daily routine of training. I thought, 'When will I experience something like this. So I took days off from training and participated in the show." 

She also shared, "I didn't expect how popular the show would become nor did I expect that I would be shown so frequently." 

Other contestants also shared their experiences of competing with other contestants. Contestant Minji shared, "I wanted to compete with other people and test myself. No matter how big the other contestant was, I was confident that I can beat them."

Meanwhile, 'Physical: 100' faced controversy after allegations were raised that the final round was rigged.

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Glyn_Plummer21 pts 26 days ago 3
26 days ago

gonna be honest I love how beautiful the women are but I do not like the clothes I mean come on at least let the women wear sports outfits not outfits that look like they are for young girls and by this I mean things like this

and this

also since the women are in very good shape the clothes do not fit them well either which is why I do not like the clothes

DISCLAIMER!!!! I am NOT hating on the women just the person who chose these outfits

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Ramenbitch3,853 pts 26 days ago 1
26 days ago

They are truly muscular and fit, unlike so many girls from Kpop groups, who get called that, when they're far from it

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