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CIX Bae Jin Young's agency denies he's being bullied by members


Bae Jin Young's agency is denying rumors he's being ostracized by his fellow CIX members.

On February 3, C9 Entertainment told media outlets, "The rumor Bae Jin Young is being ostracized by the members is not true." Previously, rumors the former Wanna One member was getting bullied by the CIX members began spreading online after a video of fans throwing water bottles at him. One CIX member also commented that if there was a zombie outbreak he would use Bae Jin Young as a meat shield, and the controversy grew as former Wanna One member Kim Jae Hwan shared the clip.

On sharing the content, Kim Jae Hwan's reps stated, "Kim Jae Hwan posted the content as he felt it was regretful Bae Jin Young is embroiled in such rumors." 

As previously reported, a video of Baek Jin Young allegedly getting ostracized on tour with CIX quickly spread on online communities, and many netizens and fans spoke out in anger.

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bitchyfangirl1,165 pts Friday, February 3, 2023 1
Friday, February 3, 2023

but they didn't address anything about the fans bullying him or any efforts of the matter to fix it. The fact that Kim Jaehwan who was his former Wanna One co-member had to post the vid which shows concern while BJY's own groupmates just let their fans disrespect him like that shows that there is some bullying going on. Just the social dynamics of lack of empathy shows that the other CIX members dgaf about how the fans are treating BJY.

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lolkyeopta964 pts Friday, February 3, 2023 0
Friday, February 3, 2023

its regrettable that the wanna one contract expired and those members had to re-enter the entertainment industry. a lot of them, like bae jinyoung, simply lost their trajectory but even worse were thrown into groups with other trainees. there is no doubt there will be animosity, some level of jealousy, amongst them. i mean, baejin was once in the biggest male kpop group on the scene for a set of years. of course bullying is wrong. but it is hard to understand their dynamic and i think both parties were done dirty in the process. the wanna one contract should have been extended for those who would have wished to remain because this pattern esp after was happened to ioi, its just rubbish

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