Posted by Sophie-Ha Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Netizens are claiming that CIX's Bae Jin Young is being subjected to bullying by the fandom and is being ignored by the other members


Recently, there have been speculations that former Wanna One member and current CIX member Bae Jin Young has been ostracized by the fandom and members.

On February 1, a video of Bae Jin Young being on tour with CIX quickly spread across online communities. In the video, fans are seen rudely calling the other members names while Bae Jin Young is trying to speak.

Whenever Bae Jin Young would try to speak, fans would call out names and would shout out loud, preventing the idol from speaking. Ultimately, Bae Jin Young gives up on talking to fans on his turn. 

One international fan pointed out the rude actions of the other fans and shared, "Just wanna say that the level of disrespect I saw from fans towards Jinyoung last night was so upsetting. He even gave up on his ment (speech) and let Hyunsuk take over..."

With the video spreading quickly, Korean netizens speculated that Bae Jin Young was being treated this way because he was a former Wanna One member. One netizen explained, "CIX fans were ostracizing Bae Jin Young for five years because he's from Wanna One and he's popular. The other CIX members just watched (him being bullied)."

Other netizens commented, "I only found out about CIX thanks to Jin Young, I don't even know what the other members look like and it's funny how the other members are letting the fans bully Jin Young," "I am wondering what the other members are doing. Usually, they should tell the fans to be quiet when they are being noisy while a member is trying to talk," "I know Jin Young's fans know about what has been going on and they've been holding back," "The members are ostracizing him that's why even the fans are doing the same," and "They should be thankful to him because they got that much fame thanks to Jin Young."

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thieves4,753 pts Wednesday, February 1, 2023 2
Wednesday, February 1, 2023

honestly, he does look pretty dejected in this clip. i think it's understandable; the fans especially were disrespectful in this situation. that being said, hopefully there is no contention between the group members, as has been suggested. or rather, hopefully it isn't all directed to one person; i think most groups will have members that don't particularly get along but that is workable and MUCH different to all members disliking the same member.

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IstnThemAll488 pts Wednesday, February 1, 2023 0
Wednesday, February 1, 2023

I will never understand these fanBS. Just enjoy the music and stop making a problem where there's none. I really like CIX. Last year's Wave and Ice are on my daily playlist.

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