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Posted by Rika-go Wednesday, November 30, 2022

K-Pop Idols who are in multiple groups


Being a part of sub-units formed by the respective group of an idol is common. But it is unusual for idols to be a part of a group composed of idols from various K-Pop groups. There are many idols who are a part of two or more groups. There are numerous such groups, ranging from duos to groups with a large number of members. Though some of those groups aren't active now, they aren't even officially disbanded. 

Here are some of the idols who are a part of multiple groups.

Mark Lee

Boy band NCT from SM Entertainment has four sub-units. Mark Lee, a member of NCT, is a part of NCT 127, NCT U, and NCT Dream, three of the group's sub-units. The rapper of NCT is also a member of the male supergroup formed by SM Entertainment called SuperM.

Lee Tae-yong

Taeyong is a member of SM entertainment’s boy group NCT. He belongs to two sub-units of the group NCT U and NCT 127. The leader of the Seoul-based sub-unit NCT 127 is also a part of the SM’s Supergroup SuperM.


Ten is a Thai member of NCT and its sub-units NCT U and WayV. The vocalist and dancer of NCT is also a part of SM The Performance and SuperM, the supergroup formed by his agency.


Lucas is a member of SM’s boy band NCT and its Chinese sub-unit WayV, and rotational sub-unit NCT U. The Hong Kong rapper is also a part of the supergroup SuperM.


Karina is the leader, rapper, and dancer of SM’s youngest girl group AESPA. She is a member of the recently created female supergroup GOT the Beat by SM entertainment in addition to AESPA.


Along with bandmate Karina, AESPA’s vocalist Winter is also a member of the supergroup GOT the Beat which is the first sub-unit of the project “Girls On Top.”


Taeyeon is the leader and main vocalist of SM Entertainment’s girl group, Girls’ Generation. Along with the sub-units of Girls' Generation, she is also a part of other SM’s groups like GOT the Beat and SM the Ballad.


SM Entertainment’s GOT the Beat's female supergroup includes Hyoyeon, another vocalist from Girls' Generation. She was also used to be a part of other SM groups like Younique Unit and Triple T.


Known as “Golden Maknae,” Taemin is the youngest member of SHINee. He is also a member of SM’s supergroup SuperM. Taemin used to be a part of the Younique Unit and SM The Performance too.


Baekhyun is the main vocalist of EXO. He is a member of SM Entertainment's Supergroup SuperM in addition to EXO's sub-units.


The main dancer of EXO, Kai, also belongs to the supergroup SuperM. He used to be a member of SM The Performance and now disbanded SM group Younique Unit.


Kang Seulgi is a dancer and vocalist of SM’s girl group Red Velvet and its sub-unit “Irene & Seulgi.” She is also a member of the female supergroup GOT the Beat. She was also one of the members of Girls Next Door and Station Young.


Wendy is a member and vocalist of SM Entertainment’s girl group Red Velvet. She is also a part of the recently formed SM Entertainment’s female super group GOT the Beat.


Mamamoo’s rapper and maknae Hwasa is also a part of Refund Sisters. Which is a seasonal K-Pop Supergroup formed by the MBC variety show “Hangout with Yoo.”


The former member of GFriend SinB is now a member of Viviz. She is also a part of Station Young, another project group formed by SM Entertainment.


Leader and main rapper of (G)I-DLE Soyeon is a member of Station Young and K/DA as well. Station Young is a project group of SM Entertainment, and K/DA is a virtual K-Pop girl group.


Miyeon is the main vocalist of (G)I-DLE, who, along with bandmate Soyeon, is a part of the virtual K-Pop group K/DA where she voiced for Ahri.


South Korean singer Seola is a member of Starship Entertainment’s girl group WJSN and WJMK, which is a special project unit group between WJSN and Weki Meki.


Along with bandmate Seola, Luda from WJSN is also a part of the four-member special project unit group of Starship and Fantagio Music 'WJMK.'


Yoojung is the main rapper and face of group Weki Meki and is a part of Starship X Fantagio’s special project unit group WJMK along with bandmate Doyeon.


Vocalist of the record label Fantagio’s girl group Weki Meki, Doyeon, is also a member of the project unit group WJMK along with bandmate Yoojung and two WJSN members.

  1. aespa
  2. Cosmic Girls
  3. EXO
  4. (G)I-DLE
  5. Girls' Generation
  6. GOT the beat
  8. NCT
  9. Red Velvet
  10. SHINee
  11. SuperM
  12. VIVIZ
  13. Weki Meki
  15. SUPERM
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pink_oracle19,451 pts Wednesday, November 30, 2022 0
Wednesday, November 30, 2022

'Idols who are part of more than one group':
Every SM artist.

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EverydayJiayou5,207 pts Wednesday, November 30, 2022 0
Wednesday, November 30, 2022

We NCTzens joke that Mark will debut with every new NCT group or SM boy group 😂 At the same time, we want Mark to rest for once. Being a part of multiple groups is tiring. Even though we all miss SuperM, I'm glad Mark can focus on two groups instead of three at the moment.

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