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Posted by ean1994 Monday, November 28, 2022

10 of the Best Soccer Players (K-Star Edition)


As if having the talent of dancing and singing wasn't enough, there are a couple of K-stars known for their athletic abilities, especially within the sport of soccer! With the '2022 World Cup' currently underway, it's a great time to review some of the best soccer players in the Korean entertainment world. So here is the K-star edition of the ten best soccer players!

1. SF9 Rowoon: Known to have previous experience with playing soccer ever since he was in third grade, Rowoon also had the chance to participate in the soccer match during one of the airings of "Idol Star Athletic Championship!"

2. INFINITE Hoya: Quite the sporty person himself, Hoya is also known to be a big fan of soccer, as he's been seen playing soccer in various behind-the-scenes footage!

3. Lee Soo Geun: Widely known for his comedic personality, Lee Soo Geun is actually quite skilled with the ball! Don't let his funny side trick you!

4. SHINee Minho: What is it with Minho literally being good at any sport, basketball? No problem. Tennis? No problem. Soccer, oh, most definitely! You can just imagine Minho putting all of himself out there in order to get that one goal!

5. VIXX Leo: Nicknamed "Jung Soccer" and even being a part of South Korea's National Youth Soccer Team back in 2003, Leo is not one you would want to face on the field, for he's known to be one of the most notable soccer players within the entertainment industry!

6. JYJ Junsu: Not only is he skilled at singing beautiful melodies, but Junsu is also well known for his soccer skills. How good is he? To the extent that he's even the captain of an all-star subunit of a South Korean soccer club!

7. LOONA Hyunjin: A star athlete herself! Hyunjin was a part of various sports clubs, including soccer, basketball, table tennis, and tennis!

8. NCT Yuta: Another star who has the skills of an athlete, Yuta is known to have played soccer for many years, from the ages of 5 to 16!

9. BTS Jungkook: There's a reason Jungkook has received the title "Golden Maknae" as someone who is good at everything he does; it wouldn't be shocking if he took to the field and aced it!

10. Stray Kids Bang Chan: Need a goalkeeper? Bang Chan is your player! Even though the ball is coming right at him, Bang Chan has no fear if it means preventing a goal from being made!

Who are some other K-stars you think would make great soccer players?

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  2. Hoya
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  4. Lee Soo Geun
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  6. Yuta
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  8. Minho
  9. Bang Chan
  10. Leo
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Lee07158 pts Monday, November 28, 2022 2
Monday, November 28, 2022

The fact that Yoon Dujun isn’t on this list is insane. He’s known for his soccer skills. Nam Woohyun as well.

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Rednas2,268 pts Monday, November 28, 2022 0
Monday, November 28, 2022

It's called Football.

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