Posted by Sophie-Ha Friday, September 16, 2022

Highlight releases the list of fans who are permanently banned from the Fanclub


Highlight released a notice concerning the fan-con event commemorating the 13th anniversary of the group's debut.

On September 16, the agency Around US Entertainment posted a statement titled, "2022 Highlight Fan-Con [Highlight Sports Day] Illegal Ticket Cancellation List and Additional Notices" on its official website.

The agency explained, "In relation to the Fan Con, we have decided to take action according to our policy for a total of 12 reservations that were confirmed to be illegal transfers and sales of tickets with a high premium price compared to the original ticket price."

Around US Entertainment continued to explain, "We inform you that the seats listed below have been identified based on multiple reports, not just one, and there are accurate pieces of evidence such as the reservation method, conversation details, and image files."

Along with the announcement, the company revealed the list of the names who had transferred or illegally sold the tickets for large sums of money and the list of fans who have been permanently banned from the official fan club.

Around US Entertainment announced, "If there are ex-members (Fanclub members) who want to vindicate themselves among those who have been mentioned, please send an e-mail by midnight on September 17 with supporting documents attached."

The management company warned, "There are illegal sellers who say they won't get caught because the name of the depositor and the name on the reservation is different. Therefore, we plan to take legal action against the depositor who receives the money for the illegal ticket."

The company also said, "The 'ID transfer' that is currently posted on social media is also an incorrect purchase method and is illegal." They added, "At the event, we will thoroughly check attendees' I.D.s and faces. We ask fans not to decrease the joy of the event by purchasing tickets for an excessive price."

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trogdorthe8th15,457 pts Friday, September 16, 2022 1
Friday, September 16, 2022

Good for them for looking out for things like this! Scalpers are the worst and seriously ruin the experience. You see it in several countries where tickets online for popular events will sell out instantly, only to see the tickets resold and an exorbitant amount thereafter. Those people aren't fans and knew good and well what they were doing, so I doubt most of them will come clean as it seems management on multiple fronts has done their research and knows exactly what went down.

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LemonGrapeFruit0189 pts Friday, September 16, 2022 0
Friday, September 16, 2022

Scalpers have been a big issue recently. I hope after this event more artists/ idols begin to do it as well.

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