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Posted by ean1994 Monday, September 19, 2022

6 of the Greatest Supporting Actors in K-dramas


You know when someone is a great sidekick when they bring so much light and playfulness into the drama! Aside from the main leads, it's always so nice to be able to see writers create a drama wherein even the supporting roles have a major impact on the plotlines of the drama. So here are six of the greatest supporting actors seen on screen!

1. Siwon in "She Was Pretty": Probably one of the best-supporting actors around. He's comedic, playful, and truly loves someone for who they are rather than focusing on the physicality. Siwon in "She Was Pretty" was so lovable; although he didn't get the girl in the end, he brought so much joy to the drama! Neither taking away from the focus of the main leads, but also not becoming the sort of role that no one cares about. Plus, we can't forget about the bromance that bloomed too!

2. Lee Sang Yi in "Hometown Cha Cha Cha": Rarely in any K-dramas do we see a love triangle end well. The way that "Hometown Cha Cha Cha" dealt with a love triangle was perfect. Lee Sang Yi, although he did like the main lead, did not become overcome with greed but rather was very just and fair about the situation. Clean cut, not wanting to create a mess.

3. The Squad in "Crash Landing On You": What's life without having your best friends always having your back? This goes for K-dramas, too; the squad in "Crash Landing On You" just was a great addition, and so glad that the writer was able to add their story in too! They brought laughter, joy, tears, and overall the bromance of these characters is truly unbeatable!

4. Oh Jung Se in "It's Okay to Not Be Okay": A supporting character who brings harmony to the main leads. Oh Jung Se, in "It's Okay to Not Be Okay," portrayed such an innocent and dotting brother, regardless of his disability. Plus, we cannot forget the bickering between him and Go Moon Young. They're like two little babies fighting over their favorite toy!

5. Park Jin Joo in "Our Beloved Summer": Sometimes you just need a friend who can straight up tell you what you need to hear, even though it's not the best feeling in the world. The perfect supporting companion, Park Jin Joo in "Our Beloved Summer," is one you don't want to mess with, for she will take you down if you even hurt or insult those close to her. Can we ask for any better supporting character?

6. Jung Eun Pyo in "The Moon that Embraces the Sun": How come it's always the prince's right wingman that always ends up being the comedic relief? Not saying that's a bad thing, but it's just so unexpected, especially because most of the time, the right wingman is a lot older than the prince himself. At least that's the case for Jung Eun Pyo in "The Moon that Embraces the Sun," who plays the role of a eunuch that sticks to the prince's side, through thick and thin. A bond like that cannot be broken so easily!

Who are some of your favorite supporting roles in the K-dramas that you've watched thus far?

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