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Oh My Girl's Arin shares her thoughts on wrapping up filming for tvN's 'Alchemy of Souls'


Oh My Girl's Arin shared her thoughts on wrapping up filming for drama 'Alchemy of Souls'.

On August 28, Oh My Girl's Arin shared her thoughts on wrapping up filming for the tvN drama 'Alchemy of Souls'. Arin played the lovely Jin Cho Yeon, the youngest daughter of the Jin Family. Jin Cho Yeon is a character known for her flamboyant style and high class, and Arin portrayed Jin Cho Yeon by adding her pure and child-like charms. When asked how she feels about 'Alchemy of Souls' coming to an end, Arin replied, " Because it is a project that I worked with for a long time, for one whole year, I did feel really sad and I still can't believe it's over. It was my first leading role project so I felt a lot of affection for it, and feel bittersweet. But I feel satisfied and happy because a lot of viewers enjoyed watching 'Alchemy of Souls'. "

When asked if there were any other roles she wanted to challenge herself with, Arin stated, "I want to try a fun, sweet, and heart-fluttering romance comedy. I really enjoy and watch romance comedy dramas often. While watching them, I always think to myself 'Can I also do it well?' This time, with 'Alchemy of Souls', I was able to show a little bit of romantic comedy with Dang Gu (played by Yoo In Soo), but it was much harder than I thought. I remember talking with Dang Gu and saying 'I think romantic comedy is the hardest [genre]'. But because it is the hardest, I want to really achieve it some day. I want to grow more by challenging myself."

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Monday, August 29, 2022

She did a good job and ik I’m going to love her character in season 2

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Artistharissa4 pts Monday, August 29, 2022 0
Monday, August 29, 2022

I like her character and danggu they are cute together and Im excited to see the trailer for season 2 it looks like they will have some character development. Honestly choyeon went through a lot of hardship her mother treats her harshly her father was evil even though she is childish and behaves immaturly wouldnt she want to be loved sincerely. Im hoping for a happy ending for her in the next season.

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