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[CONCERT REVIEW] Red Velvet stuns the Manila crowd at the 'BE YOU: The World Will Adjust' benefit concert


Last week (July 22), global girl group Red Velvet flew out to the Philippines for the first time in three years since the 'K-POP World Music Festival' in 2019. Fans couldn't contain their excitement following the surprise announcement that In Purpose International Training Institute, Inc. (IPITI Inc) will be bringing the quintet to headline the benefit concertin Manila.

Taking place at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena on July 22, a large crowd gathered outside the venue hours before the concert, and the seats began to fill up as the gates opened. Seeing almost every seat occupied with the fans waving their light sticks ismesmerizing. You can see the pent-up energy being released as Red Velvet fans waited for a long time to see the girls perform live their greatest hits.

The concert, dubbed 'BE YOU: The World Will Adjust,' brought not only a slew of entertaining acts to the stage but also the heartwarming stories shared on stage as the show was an extraordinary celebration for people with special needs, warming the hearts of many. People with special needs took the stage before Red Velvet to share their talents in front of a sea of people watching and cheering for them.

Prior to Red Velvet's highly-anticipated stage performances, students and teenagers with special needs opened the stage with show-stopping performances; some sang, and one played piano, showcasing their one-of-a-kind talent to the audience, earning them cheers as they performed so well. Peggy Geiser, Mark Jason Salamangkit, Danica Escasinas, and Janine Lim were among the performers who wowed the audience with their performances on stage. P-Pop acts BGYO, BINI, and Lady Pipay also gave outstanding and ground-breaking performances.

Finally, the time has come — Red Velvet took the stage. Dressed in tropical-themed vibrant outfits, the global sensation started their run with "Feel My Rhythm," the title track from their most recent mini-album 'The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm.' Loud screams filled the venue as they went in front and performed the song, making everyone feel every rhythm from their first performance. Fans didn't miss out on the chance to dance with the members with the iconic hand choreography of "Feel My Rhythm," as the crowd sang the lines along with Red Velvet.

Following "Feel My Rhythm," the girls shake up the stage with their fan-favorite and viral hit song "Psycho," with the audience joining in on the famous first line where Joy sings "psycho," forming a loud cheer — the energy of the crowd was unprecedented.

, Seulgi, Joy, Wendy, and Yeri didn't need to even introduce themselves; the crowd chanted their names one by one, hyping the girls up — and the girls' reactions when the crowd chanted each of their names brought the loudest screams from fans. The crowd is so loud to the point that you can't hear what the members are actually saying during the segment. When the crowd screamed Yeri's name first, she gave a cute reaction and sweetly said, "I love you." Seulgi did a body roll after the crowd chanted her name. Irene performed a cute little dance, Wendy did a deep and gentle bow, and Joy performed a sexy body roll that made fans scream at the top of their lungs. Wendy also thanked IPITI Inc. for inviting them to headline the special advocacy concert during their segment. The members also taught the audience the chorus part of the choreography for "Feel My Rhythm," which most of the audience already knew.

Of course, we can't forget how Red Velvet served the audience with their dance synchronization, moves that were well-executed despite singing live. Their vocal prowess is praise-worthy, and they made the difficult performance look effortless.

Red Velvet performed "Hello, Sunset" next, providing the vocals that everyone wants to hear live from the members themselves, hitting the right notes from the beginning to the end. At this moment, I felt that it really is a joy to be able to watch them perform live. Fans assumed that the next song would be the last one the girls would perform after Joy revealed that the group would only perform four songs before departing for Manila. The queens showcased their charisma and break-in stage performance while performing their 2020 single "Queendom," with fans even singing along to the iconic line of the song's chorus, "'cause we are queens and kings." Actually, the crowd sang nearly every line of each song the group performed.

Fans erupted in applause as Red Velvet performed their fifth and final song, "Red Flavor," which, with its upbeat sound, is ideal for playing during the summer. The quintet definitely put their stamp on the show.

The members of Red Velvet seemed overjoyed when they heard the crowd's screams, saw light sticks lighting up the venue, and singing to all the lines during the performances. The girls smiled so broadly as the warmest welcome and support from fans.

"Salamat Po! Mahal namin kayo! (Thank you! We love you all!)," said Red Velvet at the end of their segment. It was truly a night to remember for everyone who attended the concert, who not only left with a full heart after seeing their favorite idols perform but also with heartwarming stories they heard during the concert. Everyone was brimmed with joy, and Reveluvs couldn't wait for Red Velvet's solo concert in Manila soon.

Special thanks to IPITI Inc. and BE YOU for making the concert happen, as well as for the invitation!

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Jayie-Guides35 pts 20 days ago 0
20 days ago

Red Velvet is that group that would never be outdated. Every member are all-rounders and no matter how long they take a break, people will still end up falling in love with their talents and visuals. As a Filipino, I'm glad they visited our country.

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bae-bae532 pts 20 days ago 2
20 days ago

They really do need their own concert, they're amazing when it comes to handeling crowds, they also always seem like they're having the time of their lives in concerts

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