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A Guide to the Best Episodes of '2 Days, 1 Night' Season 4 (2019-2020)


'2 Days 1 Night' is one of the legendary variety shows in Korea that has established its name and format through the years, first airing back in 2007 for its first season and continuing to air until today. The show continued to fulfill its motto, "real wild road variety," aiming to introduce Korea's sights and areas to the viewers. Meant initially to promote domestically, it also found an audience among international fans who liked the show. 

The fourth season started on December 8, 2019, after the third season's abrupt end back on March 10, 2019. The show started anew with brand new members Yeon Jung Hoon, Moon Se Yoon, Kim Seon Ho, DinDin, Ravi, and the show's mainstay since the first season, Kim Jong Min

After November 7, 2021, Episode 99 became Kim Seon Ho's last episode and final appearance as an official cast member, and the members continued the show with five members. On February 13, 2022, in Episode 112, Na In Woo finally joined the show officially as a cast member. On May 1, 2022, in Episode 123, Ravi bade goodbye temporarily ahead of his military enlistment, and the show began to continue with the remaining five members. 

If you are considering rewatching or starting the variety show, here are some member-focused episodes (without guests) to watch from 2019 to 2020!

1. The Start (Episodes 1&2)

The first episode introduced the new members and welcomed new chemistry with their returning member, Jong Min. The members are faced with their very first mission for the season as they are left to find a way to reach KBS on time and eventually get tested with their luck, popularity, and senses.

The members find themselves enjoying themselves while experiencing hardships and the real, wild, road variety show, and play 2D1N's games, hit-and-miss, dinner game, and the sleeping indoors-sleeping outdoors game. P.S. Their first episode is nothing like the usual as they spend minutes in...the bathroom?

2. 2020 MT Special (Episodes 5&6)

As they start the year anew, the production team arranges a Membership Training for the members of 2D1N and learns more about each other as each Young Boys member gets partnered off to Old Boys. At the very first, they have to hold hands and walk together while learning about basic things regarding each other for whole 30 minutes. 

They also played as a whole team and even worked together to dive into the water, and played several games to sleep inside together! Watch the members show off their differing dance skills and find ways to actually identify what the other is dancing to. They ended up talking with each other to learn more about themselves and woke up to a challenge to learn more about their staff members too.

3. Desert Island Special (Episodes 15&16)

The members were asked by the production team to list off three things they'll bring to a deserted island without knowing what was coming for them. The members are indeed brought to a deserted island, and they start to learn more about the production team's fascination with dinosaurs and chase for necessities. 

They are also faced with the decision of sending off some members without knowing that one gets to experience heaven while the other experiences hell. This episode became the start of the Kim Betrayers, forming the Kim trio of Kim Jong Min, Kim Seon Ho, and Kim Won Shik (Ravi). The members spend two days and one night on the deserted island and hone their survival skills.

4. Go Everywhere All over Korea (Episodes 17,18,19)

The pandemic might have restricted the movement of all broadcasts and variety shows, but it will never taint the passion of the production team! All the sights and experiences in Korea are now found in the whole entirety of the KBS building, left to be experienced by the members who are competing with each other. 

The members, now divided into the Kim Betrayer Trio and the Large Medium Small team, go around Korea through the board and dice, only being able to move forward by completing the mission in the location. They started off with fired-up energy, only to shoot up until midnight without rest because they didn't finish the board. However, they never falter, with Jong Min once again displaying his unbelievable acting skills.

As the game ends after 19 hours of continuous playing, they finally use their meal coupons to bet for the dinner of their dreams. After a fulfilling dinner, they wake up to a surprising morning mission of taking on the challenge of being an announcer.

5. Zero Stress Tour (Episodes 22,23,24)

The members get assessed regarding their stress level, and the king of stress receives a not-so-welcome gift, Single as their stress doll. They play games in order to pass on the doll that should be carried all throughout the shoot.

The members are now discovering that the zero-stress tour isn't what they thought of and find themselves in an unexpectedly stressful episode, Seon Ho having to summon his military skills in order and the members needing to summon their courage to fight their fears.

At midnight, they have to play with their wit in guessing what stresses a certain audience for a chance to sleep comfortably indoors, still together with their stress doll. The members find themselves repeatedly rolling to guess, with the question on the most stressful nagging for husbands being the most interesting with two married members, Se Yoon and Jung Hoon. In the end, everyone joked about Se Yoon successfully sleeping indoors for the shoot while he sleeps outdoors once his wife hears about this.

6. Get Off Work Early (Episodes 27&28)

For the first time since the start of Season 4, the members face the most competitive episode ever, as the production team announces that they can end their shooting time once they win! The Kim Betrayers and Large Medium Small team reunite as they fight to win missions in different provinces- Wanju, Jeollabuk-do, Yesan, Chungcheongnam-do, and Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, in order to prevent going to the southwestern-most tip of Korea, Haenam, Jeollanam-do, for a morning mission.

The members try and win the missions that will decide the number of panels they can take up the roulette. The stakes get higher as their final mission involves the participation of their own staff members and playing a complicated game of line charades. Which team will have lady luck on their side and be able to win and go home finally and comfortably? 

7. Lack Camp Special (Episodes 34,35,36)

The production team lays out the theme as they ask the members to come to the shoot while wearing the outfit that can hide what they think they lack. Ravi goes totally crazy as he fulfills his dream of having totally long legs, and the other members try to wear what can compensate and probably fit their concept.

The members try to enjoy their concept and themes until they realize the stakes- with the losing team having to sleep not only outdoors but at the highest point of the 530m NSeoul Tower without a tent. They tremble and overcome their fear of heights as they face the worst sleeping spot so far.

8. Three Kingdom's Specialties Special (Episodes 41,42,43)

The members are back at KBS Suwon Center to play various games, where they first shot the Go Everywhere All Over Korea episode and were trapped in the fiery pit of games. The members are eager not to make the same mistake. It's a team match, and the members are divided into three teams- Jung Hoon and Jong Min (Team Rice Thieves), Se Yoon and DinDin (Team Cheol Se), and Seon Ho and Ravi (Team HoRavi), where live audiences can vote for their bets.

They fight for a similar game as the Go Everywhere All Over Korea as they attempt to win various products and specialties of every area. They play in a mechanical rodeo, a quiz, a slippery oiled game, charades with a shadow, and even a ginseng heartbeat game where the members attempt to guess their partners with just their heart rates. 

9. Bangtopia Special (Episodes 45&46)

The members learn about utopia, not knowing they are sent off to Bangtopia, a reference to Bang Geul Yi PD's surname and the Korean word for room, "bang," referring to a secret room escape concept. With no staff members to be seen, they just spend their time freely and happily before they eventually realize what is happening.

However, as they learn that this is a room escape, they get too excited to resolve all the puzzles and quizzes around and open things at their own discretion. DinDin, in particular, whose tenacity and excitement rose up, solves the room lock without waiting for the clues and using his sheer luck by guessing the code. He spends the night being terribly guilty and conflicted because the production staff spent their time preparing for this and spent the whole time trying his best to provide more airtime to be used in the episode.

10. Know Yourself Special (Episodes 47,48,49)

The members learn more about themselves holistically as the production staff prepares a course of missions and specialties so they can learn more about themselves. The first experience is a diagnosis of their general health with an oriental doctor, and DinDin faces a crisis right from the very start. 

The members also learn about their sensitivity as the members are given time to freely draw, wherein the staff members will vote on who will reign as the sensitivity king. However, the members will soon learn that these freehand drawings reflect themselves more than what they know. This will eventually be assessed by a professional to learn about their mental state, where the members get to know about what they genuinely feel and empathize with each other.

At night, to be able to sleep inside comfortably, the members are given a task to successfully set a timeline of their whole careers, including the past and challenges faced by those whose careers are significantly lengthier than the others. Jung Hoon tries to arrange the timeline of his dramas, Jong Min learns about his jam-packed variety show career, Se Yoon uncovers more about his roots as a comedian, Seon Ho arranges his relatively short but fruitful and productive acting career, DinDin showcases his transition to a young dreamer from rapping to entertainment, and Ravi's young start in the idol industry yet with many song credits around his belt.

Here's the first part of the list of episodes from Season 4, 2019-2020, that you can start watching if you're interested! But honestly, the stellar variety show never failed to make each episode special and remarkable, successfully reviving 2 Days, 1 Night's popularity. Which among these episodes are your favorite, and which 2019-2020 episode would you recommend to a new viewer?

  1. DinDin
  2. Kim Seon Ho
  3. Kim Jong Min
  4. Na In Woo
  5. Ravi
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