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5 girl group songs that deserved more attention

1. BESTie - 'Love Options'

Released on October 17, 2013, by BESTie

The song is about a group of girls trying to find love with a perfect guy, trying to find their ideal type, which they can't find, even though they say they are not asking for much.

The chorus describes the reasons why they are still single and why they can't love.

"...There’s a reason why I can’t love,
a reason why I’m still single
...There’s a reason why I can’t date,
a reason why I go out alone..."

The message at the end of the song changes; they realize that love is not in the superficial things and money, but what is in the heart.

"...Honestly, what more do I need?
What’s important in love?
I just need you to only look at me,
only love me, only cherish me

The song was written and produced by Brave Brothers, BESTie sadly unofficially disbanded in 2018.

2. 9MUSES - 'Sleepless Night'

Released on November 23, 2015, by 9MUSES

Sleepless Night, is a sad song that tells the story of a girl realizing what she lost when she broke up with her boyfriend, remembering all the moments they had together, and at the same time asking him not to move on too fast.

"... You remembered all the important dates
You were by my side in spite of everything
Whenever I got sick, without a single complaint
You would run to my side, What do I do..."

The chorus hits with the Korean title "I can't sleep and I'm hungry." Describing how the girls can't forget and go on with their lives as normal, refusing to let him go.

"...I can’t sleep, I’m hungry
I am thinking of you again, I’m on the edge
What do I have to do?
I should let you go now
Oh no woo oh oh~
I can’t sleep, I’m hungry
I am thinking of you again, this lonely, sad night
What do I have to do? I should let you go now
Just give me some time..."

The song was composed and written by Brave Brothers and Elephant Kingdom.

9MUSES disbanded on February 24th, 2019, releasing their last single, 'Remember'

3. FIESTAR - 'You're Pitiful'

Released on March 4, 2015, by FIESTAR

The song is about a relationship that ended badly, which the girls, still heartbroken, reflect on the relationship

"...You were bossy (Baby I don’t know Oh I don’t know)

I was thrown (Baby I don’t know Oh I don’t know)

Yet after all this time, you want me to hold your hand..."

The chorus describes how the girls heard about the boy's current status, describing it as different and pitiful.

"...You’re so pitiful, more so than when you left me behind

So pitiful, over the past few months,

I’ve heard things are different for you now

You’ve become so small

You’re pitiful, no matter how hard you try,

You’ve changed so much

The way you talk, the way you look,

So unlike you, so weak..."

The girls, even if they are still heartbroken, they do not accept that the boy comes back to them, rejecting him

"... Don’t give me that look,

Don’t reach your hand out with those eyes,

I don’t want you yeah, I don’t want you no more ..."

The song was composed and written by Shinsadong Tiger and 4번타자 including the participation of EXID's member L.E in the lyrics

4. RANIA - 'Style' 

Released on September 21, 2012, by RANIA

Being produced by YG ENTERTAINMENT together with DR MUSIC, 'Style' is a song about handling a breakup with style, saying that they both look good together, but at the same time they don't fit together, the song managed to get #2 on MelOn, sadly, however, the following releases did not live up to the hype. 

"You look like you’d suit me
but you’re like uncomfortable heels
You don’t fit me
I’ll live however I want, leave)"

"My style, my style
You know I keep things short
(You’re not you’re not
my-my-my style)

Goodbye, goodbye
Just those words are enough
(You’re not my-my-my style)"

The song was written and composed by TABLO

'RaNia' disbanded on June 25, 2020, and member Hyeme re-debuted in 'BLACKSWAN' a new group under DR MUSIC

5. STELLAR 'Crying'

Released on July 18, 2016, by STELLAR

In the song, the girls try to forget the relationship, but absolutely everything they do reminds them of the relationship, saying that they want to go back to when everything was perfect for them. 

"... I wanna go back to those days
When you looked at me and brightly smiled
I wanna love you
That’s it baby, but where are you? Oh..."

"... I was listening to a song then I cried so hard
Cried endlessly ‘cause it sounded like my story
I had a drink and then I cried so hard
Because I remembered the past, oh baby

I was eating then I cried so hard
Because I thought of you, I couldn’t swallow
Because I thought of you, I couldn’t sleep
I’m crying because..."

The song was composed and written by Brave Brothers and arranged by 2 CHAMP.

Stellar disbanded on February 25, 2018. 


What other songs do you think should have more recognition?

  1. BESTie
  3. misc.
  4. Nine Muses
  5. RaNia
  6. Stellar
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Friday, March 18, 2022

Dalshabet someone like you deserves attention too

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Friday, March 18, 2022

I would add 'Black Swan' by Rainbow and 'I (knew it)' by Sonamoo.

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