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[Pann] Netizens react to animal abuse and a horse dying during the filming of 'The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won'


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Summary: "The Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA) raised issues with animal cruelty during the filming of the drama 'The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won' and released footage of the stunt accident that caused a stunt horse to die. The horse was a tied to a tree with a string and fell viciously to the ground. The horse died after a week."


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Isn't this crazy??

They could have used CGI effects but they used a real horse, tied it, and made its head hit the ground at a 90-degree angle.

I'm really really mad.

The people who came up with this idea and filmed this should suffer the same.

1.[+536, -1] The horse eventually died. Even in their apology, they said it was an accident and that they will find another way. Because the horse's neck got broken after the fall, it couldn't get up. And nobody went to check the horse's condition. I'm getting goosebumps.

2.[+481, -1] They intentionally tie a horse's leg to make it fall down to film a drama in 2022. Our country is really an underdeveloped country. Those 3 people who are involved with this should be punished. They are the humans who should be cursed. I'm so angry

3.[+445 -1] The really creepy thing is that nobody wanted to stop this cruelty. There are actors and staff who would do everything for money. From animal cruelty to killing lives. There is also a national petition about this. I hope everyone knows what happened, and this drama doesn't appear on TV.

4.[+211, 0] In this age, instead of using CGI effects, they tie a horse with wires and make it fall down on purpose. Are they insane??

5.[+181, 0] Guys, the horse eventually died. The actor also lost his mind for a while after falling to the ground. I've mailed the broadcast. The fee I paid (for the broadcast company) was used to kill an animal and injure people.

6.[+168, 0] This is really creepy. They used CGI effects for the other scenes but abused an animal for this scene.

7.[+141, 0] Such a smart animal as a horse was abused and tortured to death for a stupid drama. I'm so angry.

8.[+128, 0] Our country is a backward country. They are filming a drama and they don't mind killing animals. Killers start with animals and then kill people. Crazy

9.[+94, 0] It's not the first time. Jeong Do-jeon was filmed like this too.

10.[+89, 0] No but why do you need to knock a horse down like that? Also, the stunt person was injured. This makes me say bad words.

11.[+84, 0] Someone in the comments said they suspected an animal abuse scene in The King's Affection so I looked it up and made a gif of the scene. I made it in a hurry, you can watch the video. The horse fell and its legs were shakingㅠㅠㅠㅠ.

12.[+84, 0] Was the scene necessary enough to kill a horse? No matter how important it was, nothing is more important than a living creature's life.

13.[+86, 0] I guess that horse eventually died. That's terrible.

14.[+76, 0] Even in the apology letter, they lied and said that the horse was okay after waking up. There is a video of the scene where it couldn't get up because it broke its neck.

15.[+65, 0] Ah! I shouldn't have watched this. It makes me feel so bad.

16.[+60, 0] When I saw this, I remembered that there was a similar scene in 'The King's Affection' drama. I hope it wasn't filmed like this. The horse fell down and its legs trembled. How did they film it? It's so similar to this... In the last part of the first episode, the character Seson was mistaken for another girl and ran away. I was shocked when I watched the first episode.

17.[+58, 0] Euthanasia drugs are expensive, so they didn't order them. Instead, they locked it up in a cramped stable for a week to feel the worst pain and left it to die. I'm so angry. They tortured an innocent horse. We paid KBS the license fee so we are involved too. I'm really mad.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Well this is a good ass reason to cancel the shit out of this drama and their production team..

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Hopes the drama gets canceled and flops

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