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Former BTOB member Ilhoon uploads a handwritten letter personally expressing his sincere apology


On December 23, former BTOB member Ilhoon posted a handwritten apology.

Last month, prosecutors sought a 2-year prison sentence and a fine of 126.6 million Won ($107,200.01 USD) against the former BTOB member. Ilhoon previously underwent a trial on suspicion of buying and smoking 826 grams of marijuana with about 130 million Won on 161 occasions between July of 2016 and January of 2019 with seven other people. In his first trial, Ilhoon was sentenced to 2 years in prison and fined 133 million Won ($112,618.34 USD), which he appealed.

During the appeals trial on December 16, the former BTOB member ultimately avoided formal prison time. According to his legal representative, Ilhoon is currently receiving mental health treatment in order to prevent any reoccurrence of his past drug use patterns, while maintaining amicable relationships with his family and close friends.

Then on December 23, the singer posted a handwritten letter on his social media expressing his deep and sincere apology to everyone.

The idol wrote:

"Hello, this is Jung Il Hoon.
During the past few years of investigation, trial, and imprisonment, I have been able to look back on my life with deep self-reflection.
I am very sorry to apologize so late to those who have loved me, but I am writing this post with all my heart, even though it is very late.

Regardless of the reason, I felt that my actions in violating the law could not be justified by any words, so I think I deserve the criticism.
I am very sorry that my mistake has caused deep wounds in your hearts.
I am filled with regret because I feel that the love and memories we share have been tainted due to my wrongdoings and I am so ashamed of myself.

I am well aware of the implications of the outcome of this trial.
As much as I have harmed our society, and to the extent that I have disappointed those who believe in me, I will try my best not to hurt anyone again by living upright in the future.
I firmly promise you that through this letter.

I don't know how to live after I have lost a lot of precious people because of my mistake.
I realized too late and very desperately how my attitude in life must change.

I promise once again, through this letter, that I will take care of myself and those around me so that I can make the right choice in any situation, and be extra careful not to make the same mistake again.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who have been waiting for my statement for a long time.
I will do my best to become a better person so that I don't inflict further pain on those who have been hurt because of me.

Again, I am really sorry.
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crystalwildfire9,689 pts Thursday, December 23, 2021 0
Thursday, December 23, 2021

I rather feel for him. He seems rather beside himself and doesn't know how to fix it. It has to be an awful feeling knowing you made a mistake that affects your whole life so greatly. And yes I know he probably knew the law but unfortunately this type of scenario creeps up on people.. starts slow than becomes "normal" after nothing happens for so long. He probably didn't realize he would get such a harsh punishment either - as generally from what I've seen is that they've been pretty lenient for MJ .. seems rather random on those who they throw the book at.

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Itsladynn381 pts Thursday, December 23, 2021 0
Thursday, December 23, 2021

I feel sorry for him even though I know he make a mistake..for those who think he apologized just because he got caught or smth.. he's also a humann he can make mistake.. nobody's perfect we make mistakes and we learn and grow from them..can you see through his heart??do you see that he just apologise just because he got caught??wow you guys are amazing..if you can't say smth nice why don't you just keep quiet.. supposed this things happens to your brother/boyfriend or anyone on your ffam would you still say the same thing??he might really feel sorry if you can't say smth nice just keep your mouth shut I don't understand y'all..or maybe you don't have hearts🤷

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