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A vocal coach makes a detailed analysis of the vocal techniques that BTS's Jin uses in the OST "Yours"

BTS's Jin is widely known as a Silver Vocalist and a strong singer with a wonderful tone, stable technique-driven vocals, and wide range.

Whenever the upcoming song by Jin gets announced, the public starts anticipating him demonstrating the new level of vocals. As Jin has revealed before, he works really hard on developing his voice and has lots of greed for achieving even a higher level in this sphere. At the age of 29, Jin is already a critically acclaimed vocalist. However, in every song, he shows even a more challenging performance than before. Right now, Jin is the one responsible for the most technically challenging parts of BTS's songs and never fails to amaze the public during the live performances of the group.

In the recent smash-hit OST "Yours," Jin also demonstrated a new level of his vocal talent. Let's go through the detailed vocal analysis by a Japanese coach Kanji on YouTube.

"My shadow is getting longer at night.."

"Wow… Isn't he so good? That's so cool. Oh, as expected, this breathing vocalization method is characteristic. As I said in "Voice Analysis," the interesting thing about Jin's voice is that In his lower voice, you can hear a lot of breathy sounds, but when he's belting or using mixed voices in the high register, (of course it's a different story with falsetto), you can barely hear his breathing sounds. That's a great way of breathing."

• "I guess I'm wandering in the dark.."

"Wow, this part is really incredible. Wow, really…This part is amazing. When he sings "sogeseo~~," he transfers to felsetto, mixing breathing sound and increasing sound volume. He also mix vibrato here and make the sound spread out. He sings really well. I think he uses these techniques really well."

• "Am I trapped here?"

"Wow… This song is amazing. Awesome. There's a technique called edge voice. That's amazing. It's like collecting only good things from Jin's voice."

• "I still have to approach the place where I breathe.."

"Do it! Wow, that's amazing. This song is really amazing. I just found out. I think I know why so many of you requested reactions. It's going to be the chorus from here. I'm looking forward to the chorus, too."

• "Every day you seem too far away

Every time you do,

I tell myself I'm waiting for you here.."

"Wow, awesome, awesome…In this part, he is mixing his breathing sounds a lot. That's amazing. You can see how diverse tones Jin has. If it were another BTS song, they would have sung this part with their genuine voice. But this time, Jin is singing a mixture of breathing sounds. Jin's outstanding point is that he can sing it separately like this. It's really nice. Awesome. I want to play this over and over again forever."

• "Every night I see you in my heart

Every time I do, I end up crying

If I call you in the dark.."

"Wow, this part is amazing. "Myun~." Did you get it? This breathing feeling? Wow, that's cool. There is a particularly different way of singing in Korea and Japan. While working the other day, I heard stories from a Korean singer's vocal director, vocal coach that the biggest difference between Japan and Korea is that when trying to express their feelings in ballad songs, they make their voices sound small in Japan. If you hear HY Sang sing, you can see that she creates an accent by lowering her voice. In Korea, when creating the accent, it is said to breathe a lot, not make a small voice. The difference is evident here. Wow, awesome."

• "What comes to me.."

"You know this part, right? Do you hear the nasal sound coming out of the nasal cavity? Am I being too detailed?"

• "Deep breaths.."

"Ah, this part…There is also "DANANA NA NA NA ("Permission to dance") part, but Jin has a lot of parts like this. I really like Jin's part like this."

• "Latatatata.."

"As expected, it's good. It feels like I'm relaxed like this. Did you hear the drum sound from the back? I like sounds like this. I think these faint drums are often used in K-POP."

• "Where time has stopped, we have to go back now.."

"Awesome, wow… That's totally like Jin."

• "Hae.."

He is using a technique that changes his vocalization. This part is fantastic! Let's listen to it again."

• "Yijen da deodoleoya hae.."

"This is really Jin. At first, he sings like breathing and then switches to the original voice. I think this is Jin's unbearable charm to revive the intonation of this kind of song. If they sing a ballad, I think Jin is the best among BTS."

• "Every day you seem too far away

Every time you do

I tell myself I'm waiting here.."

"Change back to falsetto here "Every night I see you in my heart." Did you notice here? Compared to the first chorus, he is reducing his breathing here. Throughout the song, he distinguishes clearby in using falsetto with a lot of breathing, falsetto with small breathing, and an outlined original voice like the above. This way, he expresses that the song is increasingly heading to the climax. It's really detailed. It's very detailed. Jin. I'm not sure yet, but I think he'll sing the last chorus with his original voice. I expect with my own personal wish."

• "Every time I do, I end up crying

If I call you in the dark.."

"Here, "myun~." Got it? The breathing sound decreases. It's a completely different story. I really want to watch this drama. What will happen to this female lead?"

• "Where the sun breathes

I'm still stopping like this.."

"Oh, it came out. It came out. Huh? Jin's vocal skills are being properly demonstrated. It's kind of vibrato tone. And this part, "Chueo~," usually this may go up with a high-pitched tone, but here the sound is expressed as spreading. The feeling of the voice spreading like this matches the scene that looks serious. That's the fun of OST. Anyway, I really want to watch this drama."

• "Every day you seem too far away

Every time you do I tell myself

I'm waiting for you here.."

Wow, he lowered an octave. Wow, did you hear this "isseo~" part? Awesome! What should I say? He was making vibrato and suddenly dropped the note. To explain in more detail, he is singing one octave lower than the first chorus. Do people usually sing it like this? That's incredible. It's going to go to the peak from here.

• "Every night I see you in my heart

Every time I do, I end up crying

If I call you in the dark.."

"Oh, he is back with a high pitch. The notes are divided from this part of "Bulleo Jumyun~." Did you hear that? The notes were the same before. But here, the part "Bulleo Jumyun (lower) " and "Bulleo Jumyun (higher)" at the same time." I mean, in the previous part, he sang the same verse with high notes one time and low notes another time. But in the last "Myun~" of the same verse, the song presents the high notes and low notes simultaneously and separates the two notes clearly. Wow, this last transition is amazing. Jin, what the hell are you doing to me It goes in "Latatata" from here. I really like Jin's low voice that's relaxed. The falsetto, falsetto, and the last one, "Tta (higher)," raises the note like this. Wow! Only falsetto voices come out here. Did you hear that? He removed the low-pitch range from the harmony and sang only with a high-pitched voice."

• "Latatatatata.."

"Wow, awesome, awesome. It's very elaborate. Once he removes the low-pitched range and sings only the high-pitched range, and then again, he sings only the low-pitched range. That's amazing." I think there are many songs with clear storylines and climaxes in the OST songs."

"Among them, this song seems to be singing the sorrow in various ways, making full use of the flexibility of BTS Jin, various talents as a singer, and various tones. So I think anyone who is Jin's fan will like it. And I think there are quite a few people who think it's really awesome if Jin sings a ballad, and if you pay attention to those parts, such as breathing a lot and breathing less, just by looking at the falsetto, I think you can enjoy this song even more. I think I will listen to this song personally a lot. And actually, I'm really into Jin's solo songs these days. That was the best voice ever."

Translation: for_seokjin1992

Overall, the coach has praised Jin being a singer who is very flexible at using various techniques perfectly throughout just one song. He is great at controlling his breathing, mixing low and high notes, belting, and falsettos. While that, he conveys a story of the drama happening between the two characters. His vocal abilities are especially seen in ballads. Jin is indeed a strong vocalist who adds a unique charm to all of BTS's songs.

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Jin's voice is amazing, I love YOURS

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