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Check out the winners of the '2021 KBS Drama Awards'!


On the evening of December 31, stars who brought viewers smiles and tears with their performances on-screen attended the '2021 KBS Drama Awards'!

This year, the '2021 KBS Drama Awards' recognized actors and actresses for their excellence in areas including: 'Best Couple', 'Top Actor', 'Top Actress', 'Best Supporting Role', 'Most Excellent Actor', 'Most Excellent Actress', and more. The event was hosted by Sung Si Kyung, Kim So Hyun, and Lee Do Hyun.

Check out the winners from this year's ceremony, below!

Young Actors'/Actresses' Award

Seo Woo Jin ('Young Lady and Gentleman')

Choi Myung Min ('The King's Affection', 'Young Lady and Gentleman')

Jo Yi Hyun ('Youth of May')

Lee Rae ('Hello, Me!')

Rookie Award

Na In Woo ('River Where The Moon Rises')

Kim Yo Han ('School 2021')

Rowoon ('The King's Affection')

Lee Se Hee ('Young Lady and Gentleman')

Park Gyu Young ('Dali and Cocky Prince')

Krystal ('Police University')

Best Couple

Kim So Hyun & Na In Woo ('River Where The Moon Rises')

Kim Yo HanJo Yi Hyun ('School 2021')

Kim Min Jae & Park Gyu Young ('Dali and Cocky Prince')

Lee Do Hyun & Go Min Si ('Youth of May')

Park Eun Bin & Rowoon ('The King's Affection')

Ji Hyun Woo & Lee Se Hee ('Young Lady and Gentleman')

Cha Tae Hyun & Jinyoung ('Police University')

Drama Special Award

Park Sung Hoon ('Heesu')

Jeon So Min ('Heesu')

Kim Sae Ron ('The Palace')

Scriptwriter Award

Kim Sa Kyung ('Young Lady and Gentleman')

Popularity Award

Kim So Hyun ('River Where The Moon Rises')

Park Eun Bin ('The King's Affection')

Rowoon ('The King's Affection')

Jinyoung ('Police University')

Best Supporting Role

Choi Dae Chul ('Revolutionary Sisters')

Lee Yi Kyung ('Secret Royal Inspector')

Hahm Eunjung ('Be My Dream Family')

Geum Sae Rok ('Youth of May')

Top Actor/Actress in a Full-Length Series

Yoon Joo Sang ('Revolutionary Sisters')

Park Ha Na ('Young Lady and Gentleman')

Hong Eun Hee ('Revolutionary Sisters')

Top Actor/Actress in a Daily Drama Series

Ryujin ('Be My Dream Family')

So Yi Hyun ('Red Shoes')

Han Da Gam ('The All-Round Wife')

Top Actor/Actress in a Mini Series

Kim Min Jae ('Dali and Cocky Prince')

Yonghwa ('Sell Your Haunted House')

Kwon Nara ('Secret Royal Inspector')

Go Min Si ('Youth of May')

Most Excellent Actor/Actress

Cha Tae Hyun ('Police University')

Lee Do Hyun ('Youth of May')

Kim So Hyun ('River Where The Moon Rises')

Park Eun Bin ('The King's Affection')

Grand Prize (Daesang)

Ji Hyun Woo ('Young Lady and Gentleman')

  1. Jinyoung
  2. Cha Tae Hyun
  3. Yonghwa
  4. Krystal
  5. Nara
  6. Jeon So Min
  7. Ji Hyun Woo
  8. Kim Min Jae
  9. Kim Sae Ron
  10. Kim So Hyun
  11. Lee Yi Kyung
  12. Na In Woo
  13. Park Eun Bin
  14. Rowoon
  15. Sung Si Kyung
  16. Eunjung
  17. Kim Yo Han
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Elijah892242 pts Saturday, January 1, 2022 0
Saturday, January 1, 2022

The best speech was given by Go Min Si "I want to dedicate my work to the people who made May 1980 shine" ...

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SS501SS301263 pts Wednesday, January 5, 2022 0
Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Lollllll the last best couple cracked me up 😂😂😂😂 Cha Tae Hyun just can’t seem to escape these bromance awards 😂😂😂 especially on KBS

I feel like KBS just does it on purpose now to tease him 😂😂😂

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