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Fitness trainer continues to refute Kim Jong Kook's claim that anyone can get a body like his


Canadian bodybuilder/fitness trainer Greg Doucette, who raised suspicions that Kim Jong Kook used HRT, a hormone replacement treatment, continues to refute Kim Jong Kook's claims.

On November 11, Kim Jong Kook uploaded a video titled, "HRT? TRT?? Please Workout More," explaining that he had not been using HRT or any hormonal treatments to obtain his current physique.

The following day, Greg Doucette commented on the video claiming that he will be uploading a response video. He commented, "I'll record a response video to address some of the comments made in the video try to educate people on the topic. One thing to remember is if somebody accuses you of being on HRT or taking something to get a physique as amazing as he has the first thing you should think is it's a compliment. If he is in fact natural then this is one in 1 million people that can do this. He said in the video that anyone can achieve a body like this if they train hard enough and the truth is no hardly anyone can achieve a body like this even if they work hard and train their entire life this physique natural in mid 40s especially with elevated testosterone levels is a one in 1 million body."

There were netizens who also pointed out the flaw in Greg Doucette's expression of 'one in a million,' to which the bodybuilder explained that's how unique Kim Jong Kook's body is and explained that anyone has the right to give their own opinions.

Earlier, Greg Doucette raised suspicions that Kim Jong Kook did not obtain his physical body through natural means. He claimed that he would bet a million dollars that Kim Jong Kook is on HRT for it would be nearly impossible to obtain that kind of build at the age of 45. 


In response, Kim Jong Kook personally addressed the issue, saying he will be taking steroid tests to prove that he has not taken HRT or any hormonal treatments. In addition, the Canadian fitness trainer has been heavily criticized by netizens for hastily and thoughtlessly raising the suspicion without any solid evidence.

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Nicole33595,174 pts 22 days ago 7
22 days ago

He shouldn’t have accused KJK of steroid use, but he’s right in a couple of his points. Not everyone is going to be able to get that body. Genetics do play a role. And it probably would be impossible for someone to get that body if they started working out at 45, but KJK has been in that kind of shape for quite some time. I imagine it would be easier to maintain it than starting fresh.


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BOSS-Ryujin2,321 pts 22 days ago 7
22 days ago

To be fair Greg is kinda right...not everyone indeed can get a body like KJK because, regardless of steroids use, there is more to it than just "work out".

One's genes play a big hand at it.Time to have time to work out properly, watching your diet constantly, a supply of good and healthy food, decent sleep, dedication...

Not everyone will be able to check all(if even most) of these boxes, specially so if they end up busy with work or life.Having a body like that also comes with many restrictions and/or demands, and not everyone wants to abide by them.


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