Posted by Sophie-Ha Monday, November 1, 2021

A reporter reveals that Kim Seon Ho contemplated whether he should give up on everything


The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster for Kim Seon Ho and everyone in the entertainment world, with various claims surfacing about the actor and his ex-girlfriend. 

Previously, 'Dispatch' reported, "Choi Young Ah's pregnancy was confirmed on July 24, 2020, and she called Kim Seon Ho while crying. In her post, she wrote that Kim Seon Ho had given a trashy response, but according to acquaintances the truth was actually far from this."

Things are gradually taking a turn for Kim Seon Ho as Dispatch revealed the Kakaotalk messages he had with his ex-girlfriend. According to the messages, Kim Seon Ho is actually seen stating that he will be taking full responsibility and was willing to get married.

Recently, a reporter explained during a radio broadcast that the actor has been so shocked after the controversy broke out that he had contemplated whether he should give up on everything--his career in the entertainment industry. 

The reporter explained, "This is the first time I saw this. And also, there are many people who are saying 'Isn't Kim Seon Ho messing around with the media' but from what I know, he is not taking any measures. He's so shocked by this situation that he was rather contemplating giving up everything. I am talking about his career in the entertainment industry."

The reporter added, "Right now, what is fascinating is that the people who are speaking up are friends of the ex-girlfriend. Five to six close friends are sharing the text messages that ex-girlfriend 'A' sent them and they feel Kim Seon Ho's situation is very unfortunate."

Netizens gathered to an online community where this news was shared, and they commented, "I just hope he's not too dispirited when filming his movie. He must be so distraught right now," "I realized someone spent hellish two weeks because of someone's accusation that had no evidence..I hope that he is able to breathe a bit through this news," "It's so hard to be a celebrity," "I hope that he is able to make a comeback with a stable mental state," "I hope that Kim Seon Ho throws away any ounce of guilt he has and makes a comeback. Plus, it's not certain that the baby was even his," and "And don't think this is a celebrity, it's so sad for Kim Seon Ho if you think that he's a friend of yours."

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bich should be sued


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