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Posted by Yeom-My Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Perfect K-POP Songs to Sing At A Wedding


It is always a blessing to send someone off to their lover a wedding, and it's even better when an amazing Korean song is performed. Korean music also has its groovy and romantic side, and some songs are just perfect for playing at a wedding. If you're attending a wedding in the near future or your best friend just asked you to sing a song at their wedding, check out this list -- you might be able to get your song here.

Cho Jung Seok - Aloha (Cool - Aloha)

It doesn't matter which version you sing, because both versions are excellent! The song itself contains lyrics that bring a couple into unity and dreaming about the future. It's very romantic with a sentimental melody; the couple just might tear up!

PSY - Celebrity

If you're looking to be the jokester of the wedding, and when I say jokester, I mean pulling off an AMAZING performance, look no further. And you can do it just like Cho Jung Seok did back in "Don't Dare to Dream." 

Sweet Sorrow - Good For You

This is absolutely one of the sweetest songs ever, and it was purposely created as a wedding song. It's the perfect song to sing when sending off a close friend, and the lyrics are so witty too! 

Lee Seung Gi - Will You Marry Me?

This is a great song to sing if the groom is extraordinarily good at singing. It's a proposal song but fits perfectly well at a wedding, and it'll be even better if you can sing it in a sweet voice! 

Noel - Proposal

This is another OG confession/wedding song, and it was once the most widely sung wedding song at one point. The four members' sentimental vocals and the romantic lyrics create this amazing atmosphere inside a wedding. 

Lee Suk Hoon - 10 Reasons to Love You

Another great song to sing as a groom, but this is also a great song to sing to a couple that you really adore or have respect for. The lyrics are a little cheesy, but hey -- they're in love, and that's all that matters, right? 

Sechs Kies - Couple

This is another oldie but a goodie. "Couple" is a great song to sing or dance along to at a wedding reception. It's easy to dance, and best of all, the lyrics are just so wholesome! 

IU - Everyday with You

Last but not least, IU takes on this list with "Everyday with You." This song is a remake, but we already know that IU does not disappoint the original track. The title itself already demonstrates that it's a lovely song, and IU actually surprised a crowd and sang this song at a wedding in front of guests! Check out the video here!

There you have it! Here were some great songs to sing at a wedding. Which K-pop song would YOU sing at a wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Cool
  2. IU
  3. Jo Jung Suk
  4. Lee Seung Gi
  5. Noel
  6. Psy
  7. Sechskies
  8. Lee Suk Hoon
  9. Sweet Sorrow
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Violetta1238,781 pts Wednesday, October 20, 2021 0
Wednesday, October 20, 2021

No Oppa Oppa? Super Junior D&E have sung that one at a few weddings lol



ismar-261 pts Wednesday, October 20, 2021 1
Wednesday, October 20, 2021

FTISLAND - I confess

FTISLAND - First kiss

FTISLAND - I hope we become lovers (Be my girl)

FTISLAND - Always with you

The best wedding songs!


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