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Netizens can't believe how much little trot singer Jung Dong Won from 'Mister Trot' has grown in a span of one year


On October 1, TV Chosun's beloved music variety program 'Romantic Call Center' bid viewers goodbye as it wrapped up. 

'Romantic Call Center' is a music variety centered around the top 6 contestants of TV Chosun's 'Mister Trot'. Each episode, the top 6 trot singers answered the calls of fans all around the nation by singing songs requested by viewers. The singers also put on group and unit stages, and also invited guests to compete against them to see who could earn the better karaoke score. 

The program was loved by elderly viewers all across Korea, as they had a chance to hear the top 6 perform timeless classic Korean trot or ballad songs. However, the program has now come to an end after approximately a year, with the 1-year contract signed by the top 6 'Mister Trot' contestants with TV Chosun having expired. 

During the October 1 finale of 'Romantic Call Center', viewers were particularly shocked by how much the youngest top 6 member of 'Mister Trot', Jung Dong Won, had grown in a span of a little over a year! On this last episode, the top 6 contestants recreated all of the stages they performed during episode 1 from start to finish. As a result, you can compare how Jung Dong Won has changed since the first episode of 'Romantic Call Center', until now. 

(Episode 1 of 'Romantic Call Center', April 2020)

(Final Episode of 'Romantic Call Center', September 2021 - Jung Dong Won is the third from the left.)

(April 2020)

(September 2021)

(April 2020)

(September 2021)

(October 2020)

(September 2021)

Meanwhile, Jung Dong Won is currently 14-years old, born on March 19, 2007. Can you believe Jung Dong Won's growth spurt in just one year?

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yes jung dong won is amazing! i still remember he wowed everyone when he sang 보릿고개 on mr trot first episode! he's growing up so fast and he's a handsome teenager now! even there's no more call centre i will still support dongwon and top 6 forever!!


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