Posted by Susan-Han Friday, October 22, 2021

Kim Seon Ho rumored to be in the hospital + news reporters allegedly waiting in the lobby to get a glimpse of him


Rumors have spread across Twitter on other online community platforms saying that actor Kim Seon Ho is currently in the hospital. 

According to online rumors on October 22, Kim Seon Ho is said to be hospitalized at a university hospital near Seongbuk-gu. Furthermore, some netizens claimed that news reporters are currently waiting in the lobby of the hospital, hoping to catch a glimpse of Kim Seon Ho or potentially ask him interview questions.

One anonymous post said, "They say that the news reporters are all crowded in the lobby business room on the 2nd floor of K**** U******** hospital. A person is trying to rest in privacy, but those trash journalists just need to get an interview no matter what. Makes me so mad." 

Another netizen angrily stated, "Trash journalists. All for your dumb interview, you're going to stake out at a hospital during COVID, causing trouble for the people who are going through the most difficult times, the healthcare workers? Is Kim Seon Ho the only person at that hospital? Do you have no respect for the other patients? Because of COVID, people can't even visit their families and acquaintances in the hospital properly. Well done kekekekeke."

Meanwhile, earlier this week on October 20, Kim Seon Ho issued an official apology via his label Salt Entertainment for the controversy surrounding his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

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stannctcuzwhynot245 pts Saturday, October 23, 2021 0
Saturday, October 23, 2021

Not surprised if it's actually him. Wether he was right or wrong millions of people are throwing hate to him ofcourse it will affect him. Be careful with hate



dskjn269 pts Saturday, October 23, 2021 29
Saturday, October 23, 2021

It's sad that it has come to this. Regardless of what happened between him and his ex-gf we don't have the rights to condemn him. As the saying goes it takes two to tango. Now I can just imagine if something happens and I HOPE NOT how awful it would be for the ex-gf because she will also feel guilty and will be blamed. That's why if it's something personal , best to keep it private and try to resolve it without involving the public.

All the best Kim Seon Ho! You'll overcome this. Be strong.


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