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Hueningkai's younger sister Huening Bahiyyih allegedly bullied by a portion of Kep1er's fandom


It has been reported that a portion of Kep1er's fandom may be bullying Huening Bahiyyih.

As announced, it has been confirmed that Huening Bahiyyih will debut as part of the 9-member group Kep1er, the final line up from Mnet's audition program 'Girls Planet 999'. Famously known as TOMORROW x TOGETHER member Hueningkai's younger sister, Huening Bahiyyih herself had made headlines for her appearance on the show from the very outset. 

However, recent reports have revealed that a part of Kep1er's fandom is bullying this member on Twitter. According to X Sports News, these fans took to Twitter Space following the last episode of the program and left comments such as: "What is Huening Bahiyyih's position, she doesn't even do anything", "I think her position might simply be 'getting a lot of hate'", "I think I'd be so happy if reports of bullying came out from this group", "Isn't it more than understandable if she gets bullied?".

To these reports, netizens on online community forums also left comments regarding the situation. While some took rather neutral positions, others supported Huening Bahiyyih and went against the malicious commenters. 

Some reactions include:

"I just hope that this member won't hear about any of this. Doesn't she have another idol in her family? I hope her family doesn't find out"

"LOL, these haters hating in the corner of their rooms"

"Hm but I think it's true that she did get some extra attention and that she doesn't fit so well in the group"

"I think she would have a lot of personal fans though, she ranked high on the show so her individual fans probably bought a lot of albums already and made sure to get those advertisements in, just for her"

"I think things are gonna get crazier once this group actually starts promoting"

"I hate these haters! We need to do something about these malicious commenters' fingers"

"Objectively speaking, I think she did start from an uneven ground and doesn't fit well in the group"

"Wasn't this all based on a voting system though? If these people really wanted to debut their own faves or whatever, they should have founded their own agency or something. I don't know why they would leave such comments on a young, underage girl like that. Unless this has all been rigged, I don't think she deserves hate..."

What do you think?

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gebik800 pts Sunday, October 24, 2021 19
Sunday, October 24, 2021

This is why fan voting should not be the main decision maker and more on expert evaluation etc. This is straight up popularity contest


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redhell10003,220 pts Sunday, October 24, 2021 8
Sunday, October 24, 2021

Allegedly? They where in the open about it, while some just stated thy don't think she deserved it, which is fair, some people were insulting her looks & going overboard, but in some kpop fan culture, as long as they are protected by anonymity, There no such thing as overboard, could people just keep critiques professional & not let their contempt/Hate bleed through their comments


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