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Former Nine Muses member Sera leaves a warning for netizens sending inappropriate messages


Former Nine Muses member Sera sent a warning to netizens sending inappropriate messages.

On October 1, Sera shared on Instagram, "For the first time in 11 years since my debut, I'm receiving pictures of certain parts of the human body or messages about desire. What I received may mean that all women in South Korea received this message. I'm posting this because I'm tired of blocking people."

She continued, "I tried to understand in many ways. Some people really like underwear, there are people who don't have money for underwear, and there could be people who have sexual trauma. Just don't send them to me. I'll find you."

In other news, Sera recently opened up about her depression and panic disorder diagnoses 2 years ago.

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maridem23 pts 19 days ago 1
19 days ago
Are those madmen stupid enough to really believe that one day she will see the photo of their penis and respond favorably at once ? Or is it just a question of domination and the balance of power ? They like to impose their desire on others and feel powerful. I wonder if they're just really, really stupid or just poor assholes.

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Winston6,101 pts 18 days ago 0
18 days ago

I think "catching them" is 1 thing, EVEN if those perverts are STUPID enough to do it within South Korea and not use a VPN and get traced via their ISP's IP address, and eventually get caught.

there is still the issue of prosecuting them.. as South Korea's laws against such issues is quite weak.

1stly they may get away with it if its a minor and he post such images of OTHER ppl's gentials or he can claim he obtained those images from other sources else where.. and since he is underaged., his punishment will be the weakest.

2ndly, even if he got caught and isnt a minor, he will claim his ignorance by saying his account got hacked or he used a weak password and someone else logged on, maybe blaming it on his younger brother or someone else.

if not the above, then he can claim 1st time offender and say no "damage was done" other then just "playing a prank" and with a REPENT letter and 1st timer offence., the punishment will be stuper light. that he will be doing it again in weeks,

I think South Korea despite being so INTERNET savvy and having super fast broadband speeds, their punishment for such CYBER Harrasessment is weak.



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