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South Korean government explains report on BTS' expenses as envoys in NY


The South Korean government explained a report on BTS' expenses as special envoys in New York.

According to reports on September 30 KST, the government did not cover any of BTS' expenses for their trip to New York with President Moon Jae In, including travel, lodging, and food. It was reported the Big Hit Music group traveled as special presidential envoys for 3 days without receiving any compensation.

A source from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism stated, "After checking, we've found the government covered some of the expenses of BTS' business trip. The report says the expenses were not at all covered, which is not true. The government partially covered the expenses, and we're checking the details of the records."

The Blue House also stated, "We've already settled the expenses following the trip. The government and agency agreed in advance to settle part of the travel and lodging expenses of BTS as envoys who joined us on our visit. Additionally, the Blue House is very grateful for their activities as envoys."

Another media outlet revealed the United Nations had invited BTS as a separate party from the South Korean government, and only some of the expenses for BTS' activities were covered.

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lugaia1,509 pts 18 days ago 0
18 days ago

This is easily explained because diplomatic expenses have to be officially budgeted and disclosed to the public. Hence, the government had to pay in advance for certain services of public nature out of its budget for legal reasons (for example, pay for the diplomatic staff that accompanied BTS, as they are their employees by contract), as they do for all diplomatic missions. These are however just advance payments and the compensation for them that HYBE has paid after the mission will be budgeted after.

No issue whatsoever, especially because the economic and diplomatic benefits that this mission will offer South Korea go way beyond the costs it incurred.



gypsy_jaeger6,163 pts 18 days ago 3
18 days ago

But should it really be such a huge issue if BTS's expenses were fully-covered ot not? I don't know about the intention behind digging up regarding that but it's quite fishy and seems to be as if they just want to drive a wedge between BTS and the SK government. I'm quite sure talks regarding expenses must have been agreed upon by HYBE and the SK government prior to BTS's acceptance of the Special Envoy role. This shouldn't actually be an issue, as BTS even accepted to perform in a SK-France Friendship event for free back in 2018.


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