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K-netizens are not impressed with HYBE Labels' decision to put BTS's diplomatic passports on display, only to close the exhibition early due to having to return the passports


K-netizens were not impressed with HYBE Labels' decision to display BTS's diplomatic passports in an exhibition.

On a recent online community forum, one netizen created a post titled, "Aigoo Big Hit". Here, the netizen wrote, "Putting BTS's diplomatic passports on display as a way of making money, only to abruptly end the exhibition because of having to return the passports earlier than expected, did they really think using the passports for profit was possible in the first place? Big Hit is making a good precedent."  The netizen seemed to be criticizing HYBE's decision to put on display BTS's diplomatic passports in their HYBE INSIGHT exhibition hall in the first place, as they are property that need to be returned to the government.

In response, some of the netizens' comments included:

"How crazy for money must the company be?"

"The passports are the country's property, but HYBE tried to use it for money making?"

"They seem like they are crazy for money. I'm embarrased for them."

"There probably isn't a company that's not crazy for money, but even if you're crazy for money there is a limit to which you should be. They really are stepping over the boundaries here."

"They really are displaying anything and everything huh."

"Big Hit, you really want to make money? Then change the music video director and hair makeup coordinator."

"This has nothing to do with Bang Shi Hyuk Lolll It's the stupid guys [who are responsible for this], Bang Shi Hyuk is just a producer."

"They must be crazy. I'm so embarassed. Seems like they've gone insane for money."

"HYBE is BTS's achilles heel."

"Was Big Hit normally like this??? Why are they like this these days? Crazy for money."

"I wish the members would just set up their own agency. Yoon Suk Joon is so bad at his job and he's just on the hunt for money."

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lugaia1,509 pts 19 days ago 3
19 days ago

To be honest I thought it was a huge privacy invasion towards BTS, as these are their own ID’s after all. And of course they would have to be returned, it’s standard procedure as the passports were released for a special diplomatic occasion, but are not valid forever because BTS are not permanent diplomats. It seems like HYBE totally missed the point with this one only to brag about it. But it’s not like people go the exhibit for the passports in the first place though


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Jeneral_Kanina633 pts 19 days ago 0
19 days ago

Holding on to another citizen's official government document is a federal offence in ALL countries on Earth.

They should be glad they didn't get summoned by the gov. and not only the company would get reprimanded but the owner of the document would have to face the federal law too if they surrender their documents willingly.

Blatant exploit of employees if ever seen one, it's like all those migrant workers that built Dubai that got their passport and visa confiscated by their employer so that they can be exploited as modern day slaves.



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