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Netizens discuss why some top stars of Japanese girl groups choose to come to South Korea


On August 27, Korean media outlets revealed that former IZ*ONE member Sakura had arrived at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, and she's said to have been followed by the HYBE security team in charge of guarding BTS

With this, there are many speculations that Sakura will be debuting with the new girl group that is being launched by HYBE and Source Music. Japanese media outlets believe that Miyawaki Sakura may surpass Sashihara Rino, the highest-paid Japanese idol of all time, if she debuts in the new HYBE girl group. In fact, Sakura first officially made her debut with AKB48, one of the highest-earning musical acts in Japan. She already gained immense popularity in Japan with AKB48 even before making her debut in Korea with IZ*ONE.

Now there are many netizens who are wondering and discussing why these top stars such as Sakura are coming to Korea to make their debut as K-pop idols during their peak popularity. 

In the early to mid-2000s, Korean idols were traveling to Japan to make their debut there. SM Entertainment artists such as S.E.S, BoA, TVXQ, and Girls' Generation entered the Japanese music chart one after another. During those years, debuting in Japan was the gateway to enter the global music market, and entering the Oricon Charts was a good way to promote the group's value.

Now the tables have turned, and famous Japanese idol group members are making their way to Korea to take a chance at debuting in South Korea. Stars who have already debuted or gained popularity in Japan are actually choosing to go to Korea even at the risk of starting over. Thirty-three Japanese participants are participating in the audition program 'Girl's Planet 999,' which is being broadcast on Mnet. These Japanese contestants include members who have worked as girl groups in Japan, such as Momoko Okazaki (Sakura Academy) and Yurina Kawaguchi (X21). Prior to this, Juri Takahashi, a popular member of AKB48 in 2019, joined the Korean girl group Rocket Punch.

Even Korean netizens have gathered to an online community to discuss the various reasons that they believe are making these Japanese stars come to South Korea. Netizens commented, "I think it's because the styling and makeup are prettier in Korea and also I feel idols are treated better in Korea than Japan," "I didn't know Sakura was a top star in Japan," "I definitely think talented individuals like Sakura is better off being in Korea," "If I was a Japanese idol, I would come to Korea too," "This is all because of HYBE," "Because Korean music is going global," "Was Sakura a top star before IZ*ONE?" and "That's so many Japanese idol group members coming to Korea."

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whatever1012,250 pts 16 days ago 13
16 days ago

- The girls who appeared on PD48 admitted themselves that training in Japan is a joke vs Korea so this is a way for them to become better artists


- K-pop idols have global recognition compared to Japanese idols in terms of how many times they're mentioned on social media, western media, and get massive campaigns with brands like Chanel and Gucci


- J-pop groups never tour outside of Japan and even if they do its usually a "Asia tour" with less than a handful of stops


- Apparently, Sakura was SHOCKED to learn K-pop fans gave their bias expensive gifts when someone brought her a Nintendo Switch at a fan sign


- K-pop groups are smaller in size and stable which is probably a lot less stressful than constantly having to worry about your ranking in AKB48. Also because there are so many members coming in and out once you leave the group there is no turning back besides possibly making a "guest" appearance.


Its definitely interesting netizens talking about idols being treated better in Korea considering the well-known anti Japanese sentiment many people still feel over WWII which thankfully seems to have quieted down in recent years with the arrival of Sakura and TWICE J line members.


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taichou_san3,071 pts 16 days ago 3
16 days ago

the way these knetz comments kinda arrogant tho like

-styling and make up korea better than japan? u joking right?

-idols treated better in korea than japan? another joke? kpop ent have a lots damn scandals scam by own agency,agency abuse the idols etc2...does these knetz know what they talking about?

-they questioning about sakura popularity...they forgot how korea media and knetz hype about her before the pd48?

the reason they come to korea is simply because korea rn get the attention thats all...same goes to west media and west celebs suddenly get interested about kpop idols...


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