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Jeon So Mi personally explains the meaning behind the lyrics to "DUMB DUMB"


Jeon So Mi returned to the music scene with a thrilling single, "DUMB DUMB."

On August 2, Jeon So Mi released her third single to make a grand return as a solo singer.

"DUMB DUMB" is a song that is composed in a simple and minimal construction, revealing the heart of a girl who wants to impress the person they love. However, in the chorus, the lyrics reveal a shocking twist as she sings, "I dance on top of your head."

The song catches the attention of the listeners with the contrasting beat that interchanges numerous times throughout the song. Jeon So Mi recently revealed the meaning of the song in a recent interview.

Q. This is your first comeback since the release of 'What You Waiting For' last year. How do you feel?

A. I didn't know that a year passed by so fast because I was preparing for other songs along with 'DUMB DUMB.' I think I had the most fun preparing for an album, and it was the easiest of all the album preparations. Maybe because it was the easiest, I have some leisure, and I am able to enjoy the stage. So I'm excited!

Q. What kind of song is this new song 'DUMB DUMB?'

A. 'DUMB DUMB' is about a girl who pretends to be shy to get the attention of the boy she likes. And the image she was showing the guy was not her real self but was a calculated image. So this song is singing, 'you don't know the real me, I'm dancing on top of your head.'

Q. We heard that you participated in the production of the song, was there a part you paid particular attention to?

A. I think I paid a lot of attention to expressing the complexity of the feelings of a girl who wants to impress the person she likes, but I wanted to express in a fun way. I wanted to change the lyrics to something fun and sarcastic. It's like the girl showing a fragile and pure image, but that was all calculated into her plan. If you see with that in mind, you'll understand the music video a bit better.

Q. There were a lot of costumes in the video, was there a style that you liked the most? 

A. I liked the blue checkered skirt that I wore when I entered the cafeteria at the beginning of the MV and also the red outfit I wore in the last dance scene. I think both outfits depict that high-teen vibe along with the powerful image that gives the twist.

Q. Please say a word to your fans who waited for you for a long time to comeback 

A. All my Som-mungchis! How was 'DUMB DUMB?' I hope that my answers today answered some of your curiosities and questions about my single. I will see you soon, so please stay tuned. You will be able to unwrap a gift from me that I felled with all the songs that I am confident in, so look forward to it and prepare yourselves! Also, there are a lot of you worrying about my health but don't worry because I am very healthy and living the most healthiest life in all my music career. Please also be healthy by Som-mungchis, and I love you!

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Nicole_Cervantes5,925 pts Wednesday, August 4, 2021 0
Wednesday, August 4, 2021
I get the controversy around her weight and promoting it, but that aside, she really is so pretty! I really hope she's happy at The Black Label. She seems like she is.



tenspot1,873 pts Wednesday, August 4, 2021 1
Wednesday, August 4, 2021

I'm happy she took the time to personally address her health. Been seeing a lot of negative comments about that, just because someone is thin doesn't mean they aren't healthy and living well.


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